What Are The Benefits Of Distant Reiki Attunements?

You can attune to Reiki both by distance or in-person. Both types of attunements are just as effective as each other at attuning you to Reiki energies. The choice of which kind of attunement you choose is personal, and the decision should be lead by your intuition and what feels right for you. Anyone who firmly pushes their beliefs or suggestion onto you, especially without having experience of both types of attunement, should be questioned.

Be open to your truth and use discernment when choosing a teacher for either type of attunement.

There is a case for both types of Reiki attunement, and there is something to be said for the personal touch of a Reiki master when receiving an in-person Reiki attunement. Although personal contact is not necessary for a Reiki attunement, some students feel more confident with this and should do what is right for them. Always follow your heart and intuition. In-person attunements are not for everyone though and are not necessary for Reiki attunement.

This blog post does not intend to put forward the argument for both cases. It aims to give you the benefits of distant Reiki attunements. It is designed for those who are curious about distant Reiki attunements or feel open to receiving them and for those who are unable to receive in-person Reiki attunements. It is worth mentioning that Reiki is only one of the thousands of energy healing modalities. You can pass all attunements by distance with many being explicitly designed for distant attunements.

What Are The Benefits Of Distant Reiki Attunements?

To help you decide if distant Reiki attunements may be right for you, I have listed some possible benefits:

  • Distant Reiki attunements are just as effective and powerful as in-person attunements.

  • You can receive distant Reiki attunements in the comfort of your own home and surroundings.

  • You can accept your distant Reiki attunement whenever you are ready – at any time.

  • You can have complete privacy during the attunement.

  • You can receive the attunement at a convenient time for you.

  • There are no inconvenient class times or schedules.

  • You can study and practice at your own pace.

  • Distant Reiki attunements are perfect for those who live in remote areas.

  • Distant Reiki attunements eliminate the cost of and time taken to travel.

  • Distant Reiki attunements are more affordable, yet just as effective.

  • Receiving distant Reiki attunements often give you more attention and focus than if you were in a large class.

  • Distant Reiki attunements allow those who are shy in groups to be able to ask questions and feel more comfortable and secure.

  • You are given constant email tutorage before, during and after your course purchase and attunement.

Through a lot of experience, I know that distant Reiki attunements are just as effective as in-person Reiki attunements with the above benefits. Combined with on-going professional training, support and dedication, distant Reiki attunements have produced some extremely competent, and confident Reiki practitioners.

If you are a Reiki practitioner who has not experienced a distant Reiki attunement and is uncertain of its effectiveness or what to advise your students, try it for yourself. It is only through experience that you can fully understand or advise and teach others.

New to distant attunements? Start here.

Recommended Distant Attunements For Beginners

If you would like to experience a distant attunement, the following distant attunements are perfect for beginners. The energies are easy to use, and the manuals are straightforward.

If you would like to try a distant Reiki attunement for yourself, I would recommend starting with Blissful Light Reiki.

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