Distant Attunements

Do Distant Attunements Work?

Do Distant Attunements Work?

At the time of writing this post, if you were to do a Google search on ‘do distant attunements work?’ you would get 642,000 results returned. By contrast, if you searched for ‘what are attunements’ you would only get 219,000 results returned - the topic of whether distant attunements work is a bit of a hot topic and seems to be getting even more popular. So the big question is, do distant attunements work?

Do Distant Attunements Work?

Of course, my answer to this would be a resounding yes. In fact, for many people, distant attunements work even better than in-person attunements. This is a personal choice as to which is best for you, but energetically there is no difference.

Energy is energy. It requires no special ritual, hand movements, symbols or processes to be accessed, used or channelled. When systems are created often the founder or initiate somewhere down the lineage add structure to their modalities. They do this for many different reasons such as allowing for easier intention and focus, breaking down and structuring the potential uses, ensuring the energies are used following the founder's beliefs, how spirit may guide you to use the system etc. However, ultimately energy is energy. It requires no prerequisite to interacting with it other than your intention.

An example of this can be found in the practice of Reiki. I used the word practice deliberately. Reiki is two things; the practice developed by Mikao Usui and a range of energy also known as Universal Life Force. Anyone can access Universal Life Force energy. It is energy, and it is all around us (it is us!). You do not need to practice or even be attuned to Reiki to access this energy. It is worth remembering that Mikao Usui was not attuned in person to Reiki. He had a spontaneous event, very similar to a Tibetan Empowerment, where he connected with Reiki energies personally. There was no ‘master’ present to pass the first Reiki attunement. Did this 'distant attunement' work for Mikao Usui? It did.

Another point to remember is that Mikao Usui’s initial version of Reiki did not utilise attunements or indeed even have levels and symbols. These were added later on. Is Usui’s original version less or inferior to the versions we know today? No, it is not.

When I first started on my energy healing journey I was attuned to Usui Reiki level 1 by a friend, in person. This was in 2000. It was a powerful experience, which I will never forget. I went on to complete my Usui Reiki training to Master Teacher level, in person. I also did other energy healing practices which included energy transmissions in person. Although I enjoyed all these experiences, I always felt like I wanted to spend time in the attunement process without any distraction (either from the master or other students) and take as long as I wanted in the experience. So I decided to try distant attunements as they would give me the freedom of choice in how and where to experience the attunement the way I wanted to. I was not sure if they would work as well as in-person attunements, but I knew that energy is activated by intention and this was my intention.

My first distant attunement was to Kundalini Reiki and it was amazing. I felt the energies very clearly and loved how I could feel when the attuning master started the attunement and when he finished. I loved how I could then ‘sit’ in the experience for as long as I wanted and go straight into giving myself an uninterrupted treatment using the new energies (What Are The Benefits Of Distant Attunements?). With time I went on to redo all the attunements I did in person via distance. I can honestly say there was no difference, in fact, they were definitely stronger (which surprised me as I was already attunement to these systems). I think it was due to being able to fully absorb and experience the energies without any interruption. More importantly, the energies flowed stronger after the distant attunements. I have since gone on to be attuned to hundreds of different systems. 

My advice to anyone who asks ‘do distant attunements work’ is to try it for yourself if you have already had an in-person attunement. Open yourself up to the experience and let go of any preconceived ideas of what you have been told or read. You will not know if distant attunements are for you unless you try one. Please choose a teacher as thoroughly as you would an in-person teacher that you trust and let yourself enjoy the process.

If you have never received an attunement then perhaps it is best to try an in person attunement first to experience it if you have access to in-person attunements. Then with a little experience after using the energies consider a distant attunement and see if it works for you. This way you get a much better understanding and practice of energy healing.

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