Where Is Your Energy Going?

Where Is Your Energy Going?

Where is the best place to start when embarking on a path of healing, self-development and increasing well-being is? The answer to this is your energy. More specifically, where is your energy going?

There is nothing more valuable than your vitality which is directly related to your energy.

Everything you do in life, and the outcomes, is ultimately linked to your vitality and overall vibration. As such, it must be guarded and protected. Being mindful of where and what you give your energy to and who takes it is the first step.

When you know where your energy goes, you are better able to decide if you want to give it or not. Your health, vitality and well-being are built upon your energy, which is why it is precious. Every aspect of your life will be dependent on how much and vital your energy is. As such, only allow your energy to be given or taken with this in mind. Does it build you up, or does it take from you? If you are giving your energy away and you are being left drained, low in mood and suffer other consequences, is this the best solution for you? Remember the lower your vitality, the more difficult it is to move forward, heal and grow.

Where Is Your Energy Going Exercise

The where is your energy going exercise aims to identify the energy flow of situations, people, events, objects etc. If energy flows away from you and breaks you down, it usually indicates that it does not serve you energetically. Once you identify an outward flow of energy, it is then essential to decide if you want it in your life. If not, remove it. Any unreciprocated flow of energy from you to something else is a drain on your energy. It will lead to a lowering of your overall vitality and vibration.

To start the energy flow exercise, spend some quiet time alone. Take a few minutes focusing on your breath. Feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. Hold your awareness on this for a moment.

Feel how your body physically responds to the raising and lowering of your chest. How does your chest feel? Are there any sensations that stand out? After a minute or two, expand your awareness from your chest and scan over the rest of your body.

Start with the left arm and hand, then the right arm and hand. Do you feel any sensations? Move onto the left leg and foot, then shift your awareness to the right leg and foot. Do you feel any sensations? Move your awareness to your shoulders then neck and then your head. Do you feel any sensations? Once complete, move your awareness to your body as a whole. Hold this focus for a minute or two. Do you feel any sensations? Can you feel the environment around you?

After a minute or two, bring your awareness back to a place of stillness. Do not worry if you have any random thoughts; let them pass by.

When ready, ask yourself what makes you happy in your life at the moment? List them one by one. Each time ask does it build you up or does it break you down? Does it give you energy, or does it take energy from you? Why? If it takes energy from you is there something within you that has allowed this? Can it be changed? If it can’t be changed and it still takes energy, ask yourself if it should still be in your life?

If it is taking energy from you and can’t be changed, then perhaps consider removing it from your life. Keep repeating this until you have gone through all the positive things in your life. Once complete, start the process over but, this time, do it for all the things that you do not like in your life.

Are there any familiar patterns forming of things that break you down from each list? If so, what are they? Use this as a way to start identifying any hidden beliefs or patterns that may contribute to a loss of power and energy.

When complete, take a few deep breaths and give thanks for all the blessings you have in your life.

Daily Life

While going about your normal daily life, try and always watch where your energy is going. If your energy is being drained, then you should take this seriously. Always guard your energy as your healing, well-being and vitality depend upon it.

Several attunements may help in ensuring your energies are high vibration and protected. You may be interested in the High Vibration Maintenance Attunement and the Protective Shield Maintenance Attunement.


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