What Does Truth Mean?

What Does Truth Mean?

I am fascinated by how two people can look at the same thing and yet see something completely different. This is often very apparent in energy healing circles. It amazes me how one topic can have so many different truths. The multiple views, interpretations and truths of energy healing add a rich tapestry of discoveries and insights to your spiritual journey. With this in mind, what does truth mean?

What Does Truth Mean?

You may feel that what you perceive is the truth. That there is no other legitimate way of viewing something different than the way you see it. You may hold on to your perception and further build it up to be the truth by programming yourself not to consider that there may be other views or indeed the possibility that there may be more than one truth. The truth about truth is that there is no one truth.

Truth changes with the shift of your perception and is an entirely made up construct of your left brain, your ego. The ego creates and presents to you the reality around you. Your past thoughts and experiences create this. This is why no two people will ever view the same thing in the same way. It is also why you can say that you are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are your egos.

When you shift your perception, you will see something new - a new truth. As an example, many children believe wholeheartedly in Santa. That is their truth at that time. As children grow up, they realise that Santa was not, in fact, real and with that change in perception, their truth changes. In much the same way, the perceptions you hold may change, and that leads to a shift in your truth.

Follow Your Truth

This is, of course, very exciting and something that can happen relatively often as you progress along your spiritual paths. However, sometimes with change can come resistance. The idea of what you know may not be the ultimate truth, but one that is yours and may change as quickly as a shift in perception can be problematic to some people.

The loss of control of what you think is the truth, how something is, how something works, or how something is perceived can manifest in many ways in your life. If you resist what allows you to grow and ultimately causes your perception to shift and to create a new truth, you create spiritual stagnation.

Spiritual stagnation may occur when you have reached a state of spiritual bliss along our spiritual path (often perceived as the ultimate and final achievement on spiritual paths) or when you no longer allow your perception to shift and for you to grow. You are stuck in a truth that you feel is ultimate and non-changing; an illusion. This tends to result in power-hungry actions such as insisting if you don’t believe in what they are saying, then you are wrong. Hands up how many of you have seen this in the energy healing and lightworker circles?

If someone tells you that their truth is the only truth and that if you do not follow this, you are wrong – walk away. You risk losing your vitality to their power-hungry needs. Even if they are well-known teachers or energy healers, follow your truth.

This is my truth. What is yours?

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