Never Blindly Follow A Spiritual Teacher

Never Blindly Follow A Spiritual Teacher

You live in a time of information, lots and lots of information. At the touch of a button or a swipe of a finger, you can access more information than previous generations could only ever have dreamed of accessing - let alone while sitting in a cafe or maybe on your sofa! For the first time in human evolution, you can answer your question in seconds with minimal effort. This has been extremely helpful for advancing spiritual knowledge and understanding. Energy healers and lightworkers now have the potential of getting a more extensive understanding or gaining different views, insights, and perspectives into their spiritual learnings. In many ways, it has accelerated the spiritual growth of the planet.

During my week, I get lots of questions about what I think or feel about this or that. Often these questions are due to curiosity, confusion, or for gaining experience validation. All of these reasons are valid, and I love spending time discussing different views and perspectives. However, one reason for these questions that stands out is that much of the mainstream energy healing information and perspectives seem to be at odds with their experience.

Never Blindly Follow A Spiritual Teacher

All too often, a question begins as follows: 'I was reading an article from a well known and respected spiritual teacher that said I should do this, but it doesn't make sense or feel right. Why is that? Because it is that well known spiritual teacher teaching this, then it must be true.'. The truth is that much of the information in the energy healing community is inaccurate or corrupted. How can I say this! You see, so many concepts of energy healing and spirituality build upon someone's perspective. We all have a unique view, which means the insights spiritual teachers have are not necessarily yours. Their initial insights are then often expanded upon and taken as truth.

To make matters worse, we accept these 'truths' without any questioning on our part. How many times do you see the same information churned out about things you have little or no connection with? For example, we are told that there are seven main chakras, each with a particular look, feel, colour, etc. That if a chakra appears in a certain way then it means this? But what about your unique perspective? I work with many clients who get upset when they say that they don't see a chakra in the way that you are supposed to. Or they do not intuitively get the same meaning of what a particular chakra is 'meant' to symbolise. I can assure you that these clients perceive the chakra the way it is for them. It is their unique perspective, which is the correct perspective for them. What about other energetic and spiritual concepts such as soul mates, starseeds, guardian angels, etc.?

You will find mainstream healing narratives presented as truth. Of course, much of this will be due to the description (direct and authoritative descriptions are easier to read), but the emphasis is on if the teaching tells you if you are wrong, if you disagree. If it resonates with you, that's great. But if it does not, then do not accept it as meaning you are wrong or mistaken. If you do, then you are not speaking your truth. You are a unique being, so your unique perspective is valid. The other point to remember is that truth changes with perspective, so what you see as truth now will almost certainly change in the future. So never hold on to the truth as an absolute; it is not.

Your Truth Is Just As Valid As A Spiritual Teacher's

This blog post's point is to stress that you should never accept knowledge or a mass viewpoint as the truth. This includes the energy healing community. Just because the knowledge is spiritual or from a well known spiritual teacher does not mean it is correct. Just because it is a spiritual truth does not mean it is your truth. Always question everything. Seek to have a direct experience of what it means to you. Following blindly what the energy healing community teaches is a slippery road as it puts you in a box - a reality that you do not create.

Question, discover and follow your truth. It is just as valid as any truth a renowned spiritual teacher will be teaching.

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