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What Is A Lightworker? (Meaning, Signs and Types)

What Is A Lightworker? (Meaning, Signs and Types)

A lightworker is someone who works with the light, shadow self, and change and is probably one of the most widely used words in energy healing and spiritual practice.

The word lightworker sounds mysterious, conjuring images of alchemy and magical practice. However, the definition is far more grounded but non less still has a tremendous spiritual and energetic impact.

What Is A Lightworker?

A lightworker chooses to work with light (positive energy) while acknowledging and working through challenges (negative energy).

You can get more insight into what a lightworker means by taking a closer look at the term lightworker. The word lightworker is a combination of the words light and worker (a light worker);

Light - is positive, loving, inclusive, and expansive. It reduces the dark, unknown, and fear and brings positive change, learnings, and discoveries. It does not control or separate as dark energy is only light undiscovered. It is equality.

Worker - is an action word, meaning that effort is used to bring about change. It requires action, energy, and activity to bring about change.

In no way is being a lightworker passive. On the contrary, it implies a dynamic term, changing and continually pushing forward positively with love.

A lightworker does not ignore their shadow self. In many ways, a lightworker is a shadow worker.

lightworkers heal their shadowself
Lightworkers achnowledge and heal their shadowself.

This means that to spread light and be of service to others, you work on yourself and are aware of the full spectrum of energies (positive and negative) and spiritual aspects of life.

A lightworker does not just focus on light and positive energy. To work with light, you must also acknowledge the dark.

In practice, this means a lightworker is not someone who decides to be positive. A smile and happy demeanor does not exclude you from having to work on yourself and shadow self.

Describing yourself as a lightworker means that you continually learn, evolve, and expand the light. It is not always easy, as facing change and discovering new learnings can be challenging, but the rewards far outweigh the effort.

Lightworkers Are Not Perfect

A myth that seems to linger in the energy healing community is that lightworkers lead perfect lives. But, unfortunately, this is not true, as to work with the light, you must experience it, which can be challenging.

A lightworker will never learn all there is; it is not possible. So the journey of discovery has no end; it is your soul purpose in life.

You will be challenged at every step, and this can be uncomfortable. There is ultimately no such thing as perfection but rather an experience.

Also another myth implies that reaching a state of bliss is the ultimate destination of a lightworker. Again, this is not true.

In bliss, you cannot learn and discover as you don't have any challenges or resistance. If you can't learn, you don't move forward. Bliss, if not worked with properly, can be a trap and lead to spiritual stagnation.

Lightworkers Are Trail Blazers!

A lightworker takes action to discover and work with the light. Each new discovery is added to our planet's and the universe's universal consciousness.

What was once unknown is now known, creating the platform for further experience and expansion when that discovery is shared.

This is why a lightworker is like the intrepid explorer who sets out into the unknown. They reveal what is out there, reducing fear, increasing love and light, and giving everyone a new, expanded platform to work for themselves.

How Do You Know If You Are A Lightworker?

Being a lightworker is a choice. However, suppose you make a conscious decision to be a lightworker with a complete understanding of what it entails. In that case, you are the definition of a lightworker. This is the only requirement of being a lightworker.

Anyone can be a lightworker. There is no prerequisite knowledge, experience, or affiliation to being a lightworker.

There is often an unbalanced and unnecessary focus on those who seem to have a profound life-changing moment or spiritual experience with being a lightworker. Of course, this does happen, but it is in the minority. It is also not necessary to have a spiritual calling to be a lightworker.

Don't let other people's experiences cloud what a lightworker is, as anyone can be a lightworker. Don't compare yourself to others; don't let others make you feel you are incapable or have not had an appropriate experience.

Always ensure you are focused on yourself (don't compare), work with the light while acknowledging and working through the dark, and you are being a lightworker.

Common Signs Of A Lightworker (Lightworker Symptoms)

You are unique. No one, past, present, or future, will have the same experiences, expressions, or potential to spread light the way you do. This means as a lightworker, you are invaluable.

The qualities you have as a lightworker, and the way you express these, will be unique. I find this very exciting, as it implies that you may be the only one to be able to impact a situation positively.

A lot of lightworkers typically experience a spiritual awakening. This process is often the result of increased awareness of yourself, spiritual growth, and appreciation of the interconnection with the world around you.

This may then stimulate a sense of compassion, empathy, oneness, and a desire to make a positive difference and create a better world.

There may also be a need to focus on the collective consciousness and bring about positive energy, healing, and shining your inner light to raise the planet's vibration.

A strong desire to make planet earth a better place to live is often a quality of a lightworker.

Lightworkers are sometimes described as earth angels because of their strong pull to assist mother earth and all living beings.

Lightworkers also tend to be interested in new age beliefs, believe in a higher power, light beings, and want to work with spirit guides.

In addition, there may be a curiosity about better understanding higher consciousness, hearing the call of source, and exploring their unique gifts.

Many lightworkers have latent psychic abilities and are naturally sensitive people. These abilities are either dormant, waiting to emerge, or already active but not fully developed.

This may initially be sensed as a strong intuition or knowing. It is also interesting that lightworkers are often star seeds, an old soul with many incarnations.

Types Of Lightworkers

Lightworkers are focused on their development to assist others. This may be achieved in infinite ways, as each lightworker is unique.

This means that each lightworker will manifest their qualities in different ways. However, there are some more common ways types of lightworkers.

Some of the most common kind of lightworker are energy healers, shamans, spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, etc.

However, I want to stress you do not have to define yourself as anything other than wanting to be a lightworker. Lightworkers come in all forms and types.

Some of the very best and most effective lightworkers are those who live everyday lives, doing a usual job, yet letting their qualities, own energy, and high vibration assist those around them.

I prefer not to focus too much on the types of lightworkers, as it is very limiting. If you choose to be a lightworker, it does not matter what type of lightworker you are; you are a lightworker.

Lightworkers And Anger

Being a lightworker means learning, discovering, and growing. You will be clearing and healing things in your life that may be challenging.

When you are working on something difficult, you may feel anger. This may be due to lingering resentment and hurt. The more you work on bringing healing to this, you may intensify the feelings of anger.

This is part of the process, as releasing anger is essential. However, it is also important to question why you feel the anger to dig deeper, remove the negative energies, and, importantly, gain discoveries to move forward.

If you are experiencing anger that is negatively impacting your life, you should consider speaking to a medical advisor for support.

Do Lightworkers Fall In Love?

Being a lightworker does not exclude you from having relationships and falling in love.

Lightworkers often feel very deeply, which means that when they fall in love, they fall hard.

Any aversion to falling in love may be a tendency to protect yourself from being hurt, rather than lightworkers not being able to fall in love.

After all, compassion is love, which is a quality of being a lightworker.

Being A Lightworker In Practice

Being a lightworker in practice is not always a mystical experience or easy. While, with a lot of time and dedication, you may gain incredible experiences and bring positive change to the world around you, the daily practice is not glamorous.

There will be a continuous and ongoing need to learn, discover, do lots of clearing work, and take a lot of time to learn and integrate the lessons. There is no end point, only the process of gaining discoveries.

Nowadays, it is unlikely you will be living in a cave, dedicating every waking minute to spiritual development and assisting others. Instead, you will live your life with many commitments, demands, family members, routines, and different relationships.

While this may seem to distract from your conscious mission to be a lightworker, in many ways, it gives you an ideal opportunity to grow and then assist others. These distractions allow you to grow, as each may present friction.

Friction gives you a clue as to what needs to be looked at, worked on, and changed. Through this process, you may also gain more moments of enlightenment, further enhancing your ability to be a lightworker.

You have the opportunity to make a positive change in your life and people's lives around you. These may be the people you know to random strangers you may pass on the street. Your high vibration will impact the energies around you positively.


Committing to being a lightworker is one of the most rewarding spiritual paths. It does not require anything other than working with light while acknowledging and clearing the dark.

Lightworkers can have significant positive impacts on the earth and the people around them. Expressing compassion and love while allowing your energies to assist in raising the vibration of the planet is a practice that is in great need at the current time.

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