What Is A Lightworker?

September 27, 2017 2 min read

What Is A Lightworker?

When answering the question 'what is a lightworker?', you can get clarity by looking at the word lightworker. It is a combination of the words light and worker;

Light - is positive, loving, inclusive and expansive. It reduces the dark, unknown and fear and brings about positive change, learnings, and discoveries. It does not control or separate as dark is only light undiscovered. It is equality.

Worker - is an action word, meaning that knowledge is used to bring about change. It requires effort, energy, and activity to bring about change.

In no way is the term lightworker passive. On the contrary, it implies a term that is dynamic, changing and continually pushing forward positively with love. Describing yourself as a lightworker means that you continually learn, evolve and expand the light. It is indeed not always an easy role, as facing change and discovering new learnings can be challenging, but the rewards far outweigh the effort (Words Of Encouragement For Lightworkers).

Lightworkers Are Not Perfect

A myth that seems to linger in the energy healing community is that lightworkers leed perfect lives. This is not true, as to work with the light you must experience, which can be very challenging. A lightworker will never learn all there is; it is not possible. So the journey of discovery has no end, it is your purpose in life (What Is My Life Purpose?). You will be challenged at every step, and this can be uncomfortable. There is ultimately no such thing as perfection but rather an experience.

Also, there is another myth that implies that reaching a state of bliss is the ultimate destination of a lightworker. Again, this is not true. In bliss, you are unable to learn and discover as you don’t have any challenges or resistance. If you can’t learn, you don’t move forward. Bliss, if not worked with properly, can be a trap and lead to spiritual stagnation.

Lightworkers Are Trail Blazers!

A lightworker takes action to discover and work with the light. Each new discovery that is gained is added to the universal consciousness of our planet and the universe. What was once unknown is now known which then creates the platform for further experience and therefore expansion when that discovery is shared. This is why a lightworker is like the intrepid explorer who sets out into the unknown revealing what is out there, reducing fear, increasing love and light and giving everyone a new, expanded platform to work from themselves (A Lightworkers Role In Uncertain Times).


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