A Lightworkers Role In Uncertain Times

A Lightworkers Role In Uncertain Times

As a lightworker, you must shine your light and speak your truth with love. Keep the energies of love and compassion flowing. The word lightworker means someone who works with light. It is an active role to play. Spend some time thinking about what this means to you. What is a lightworkers role in uncertain times?

Lightworkers live and operate in the light. As such, you mustn't give in to fear, which uncertain times, change and chaos may bring. It is vital that you do not fall into the fear trap, which keeps you bound and unable to shine your light. This is your duty as a lightworker.

All your decisions and actions must always be done in the light. Of course, no one is perfect, but the emphasis should still be on doing your utmost to work with the light, even when we may fall short of this at times (Words Of Encouragement For Lightworkers).

A Lightworkers Role In Uncertain Times

Reduce fear

Spend time thinking about where any feeling of fear may have originated. What beliefs may have lead to feelings of fear? What actions have brought fear in or are holding fear in place? It is essential to identify all areas in your life that are creating fear. Work to release the fear and change what has brought the fear in so only light remains. Fear is anything that results in division, separation, exclusion and inequality.

Question everything - do not just accept someone else's views

It is essential to question absolutely everything (3 Questions To Ask For Powerful Self-Reflection). Do not just think or do things only because you have always done or are being encouraged to do so. You must think for yourself. Do not look at the surface or get answers from the system that created it. Ask lots of hard questions about the reality in front of you. Has it been designed for you? Is there anything within you that is reflected in the reality in front of you? If so, then focus on changing this within you first. Never accept anything that does not resonate. Remember, if you want real change you may have to change the system. What does the system mean to you?

Speak your truth at all times

Working with light and removing fear is only the first step. You must also speak your truth with love. It is not acceptable in that case to accept something and say everyone is welcome to their views and to leave it at that when their beliefs are divisive. Being passive in the light will lead to spiritual stagnation. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions (and I mean that), but if those views are against your truth, then you should not keep quiet if asked about it. How can you do this? Well, you do it with love and always while walking in the light. If someone says something that replicates fear, division or inequality, then voice your opinion with love. But be careful not to force your opinion on others. If you do this, it will exert control and is a reflection of inner fear, which is not working in the light.

Stand up for equality and stop discrimination

Stand up for people's rights, equal rights for all. I want to stress this, EQUAL means EQUAL. If anyone's rights are restricted in any way, there is division and separation. This is not of the light. People are created equal, and rights must reflect this. If rights are not equal, then this is fear-based. Do not stand for it. Fear is so prevalent in discrimination. As a lightworker, it is essential to be aware of this. If you feel any form of discrimination within you, stop what you are doing and address this. It is a sign that there is fear within that must be resolved and cleared. If you see discrimination in others and the reality you live in, then you must also address this while you work in the light. Speak your truth with love and if the system does not allow you to reduce fear, then work to change the system with love, awareness, and equality.

Being a lightworker demands action. Whether that is taking action for your spiritual development, healing or reducing fear both within and the world around you. Don’t sit back and expect someone else to make the changes you want or worse of all, take no action because you think that there is no point as you can’t bring change. You can, but only if you take action within the light, with love.


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