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3 Questions To Ask For Powerful Self-Reflection

3 Questions To Ask For Powerful Self-Reflection

When embarking on a journey of self-discovery and healing, it is important to practice effective self-reflection. Self-reflection is the process where you reflect or think about the things you have done, thought or felt. It allows you to question these with self-awareness which can be used to help you uncover things, perhaps deep within, that can help you move forward along your self-discovery and healing paths.

Without effective self-reflection, it becomes very difficult to move forward. This is due to wasting a lot of time to excessive repetition, not fully getting to the core of your reflection and the creation of confusion.

The following 3 questions to ask for powerful self-reflection may be able to help make sure your self-reflection is effective.

3 Questions To Ask For Powerful Self-Reflection

To get the most out of self-reflection, you should be asking yourself three questions for every aspect that you are self-reflecting upon. Be honest, self-aware and never give your power away while asking each question.

1. What worked? 

To understand if something worked for you reflect on the aspects that were positive. Look at anything that may have been of benefit or even had the potential of being a benefit. This may require a close look as often when we perceive as either a benefit or a failure may change with time, so ensure you are self-reflecting from the present moment.

2. What didn’t work? 

Once you have identified what worked, was positive or of benefit then self-reflect on what did not work. Avoid the use of terms such as negative or thoughts of all or nothing. You are not meant to be critical of yourself or others, but rather from a place of self-awareness you are identifying things that did not result in a positive outcome.

3. What will I do differently next time? 

Once you understand what worked and what did not work, then spend some time reflecting on what you can do differently next time. Again, use self-awareness and avoid blame, giving your power away or place the potential outcome dependent on someone else's actions.

With a little practice, effective self-reflection can accelerate your self-development and healing goals.


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