4 Ways Negativity Affects Your Life

4 Ways Negativity Affects Your Life

Negativity can be very destructive to you and other peoples lives. It can come in many forms, from negative thinking to being in negative environments and around negative people. The following four ways negativity affects your life shows key areas that negativity may affect.

What Is Negativity?

What may be negative to me may be perceived as neutral, positive or negative by you. What I mean by this is that negativity is a perception and will be unique to you.

With this in mind, energetically negativity is usually associated with dense, unhelpful and harmful energy surrounding certain actions or things. These are things not felt as positive or nurturing and may include:

  • gossiping,
  • low self-esteem,
  • anger,
  • impatience,
  • jealousy,
  • feeling guilty,
  • self-pity,
  • aggression,
  • projection on others,
  • frustration,
  • looking for attention, and
  • sometimes group mentality.

Your energy fields take on and absorb negative energy that may be around and within you. Taking in this negativity or creating and harbouring such energies within you not only affects your energy bodies, potentially causing physical symptoms, but also affects how you perceive the world around you.

When your world is viewed negatively, it may cause you to concentrate and absorb more negative energy compounding the problem.

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4 Ways Negativity May Affect Your Life

1. Negativity may affect your future. 

You are what you think. The more negative energy in your life, the more you have the possibility of creating a future based on what you are currently thinking. These negative thoughts start to create a vicious cycle in your life, making it more challenging to break free.

Negativity has the potential of causing you to live a life that may be far from its full potential or purpose.

2. Negativity may harm others. 

Negative energy affects all those around you. When you project negative thoughts, have a bad mood or even use negative words, it not only makes your negativity worse, it also has consequences for anyone who is around you. It can harm their auras and energy fields and allow for other destructive effects of negativity to take hold in their lives.

3. Negativity may cause negative effects. 

As already mentioned, you are what you think. When thinking and operating from a negative perspective, you have the potential of actually bringing negative situations and events into your life.

4. Negativity may harm your physical body. 

The more negativity in your life, the more of a chance that it may manifest as a physical problem such as stress.

What Can Be Done To Reduce Negativity In Your Life?

Probably the essential way to reduce negativity in your life is to speak your truth. This may not be as simple as not lying, but rather living life the way you want. Question everything and never do or accept something just because you were told or society expects it of you.

The reason why this is so powerful is that you will be better able to be the person you are meant to be, do the things that bring you fulfilment and achieve your life purpose. You are in the right place at the right time. You no longer hold onto things that are non-serving and are better able to live in the now. It is challenging to be negative or experience negativity when living in the now.

There are many wonderful practices and techniques that may be able to support the removal of negativity, including meditation, yoga, mantras and energy healing practices. Many different energy healing techniques may help in the clearing of negative energies and the bringing in of positive energy.

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