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How To Work With Change

How To Work With Change

The truth is, change, no matter if you instigate it or it is thrust upon you, challenges you - often profoundly.

Change can be extremely uncomfortable.

To say working with change is easy, would not be accurate. However, change does not have to be avoided or feared.

Working with change is an essential quality of all energy healers, and there is a good reason for it.

When worked with, change can be a blessing that brings moments of enlightenment, spiritual growth and discoveries.

The benefits you may gain far outweigh the hard work and determination that is often required when working with change.

How To Work With Change

Change can provide some of the most profound spiritual learnings in life.

To gain profound spiritual insights and growth, you require friction, and this is what change offers.

Without change, your spiritual growth may reduce, and you may not be able to attain the life you want to live fully due to not being challenged. This is called spiritual stagnation.

So when faced with change, know that you will get through it - everything comes to pass. Inspect every emotion and thought. Look for patterns in your actions, reactions etc.

If patterns emerge that are not positive, then pay close attention.

Don't look at the obvious, as these patterns rarely are. Look deeper and avoid labelling situations by the outcome, but instead, look for the cause.

As an example, if you are feeling low because you hate your job, don't look at the obvious and say the job is the problem.

Yes, the job almost certainly would need to change to bring fulfilment, but look at why you are in the job in the first place.

This is key, as the answers to this could identify the reasons that may have led you to take the job in the first place. If you took the job because you thought you could not do better could indicate that your self-worth or personal power is low.

This is what requires your attention to bring about changes in your life that are empowering and not just saying the job is terrible.

By working to strengthen your personal power and increase your sense of self-worth will allow you to get a better job and not replicate this pattern again.

Always look more in-depth than the obvious by observing your emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions.

Change should be your spiritual friend. As without it, you will limit your spiritual growth, enlightenment and discoveries that genuinely resonate with you.

When working with change, try and ensure your vitality is as high as possible as change can be draining.

Try and get as much sleep as possible, eat well and avoid activities that do not build you up.

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