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How To Work Safely With Amulets

How To Work Safely With Amulets

Amulets are objects, often jewellery, that you wear that focus on ensuring that you are protected or other ascribed powers or functions such as to increase abundance, connect you to specific energies, deities etc. They are extremely popular in many parts of the world and cover a vast array of beliefs, religions, and practices. It is believed that the first jewellery that humans created were amulets and this highlights just how instilled they are in our psyche. It probably explains why, with a little intention, working with amulets may bring about change and manifestation in your life. But how do you know if amulets are safe and do what they say they will? Learning how to work safely with amulets will help you get the most out of their potential uses.

Are You Sure You Need An Amulet?

You are an energy being, so all energy work starts with you. With this in mind, you should consciously ask yourself why you are drawn to the amulet? You are not looking for the obvious, superficial answer such as it’s colour or shape. You are digging deeper than this. To get deeper, you need to turn the focus on you and how you feel and think. So a deeper way to question would be to ask yourself something like;

    • Does the amulet aim to replace something that is absent in your life?
    • Are you deliberately trying to skip the steps of working through the issues in your life by buying the amulet? 
    • Are you trying to control an outcome in your life preventing the universe in meeting your needs in the best way possible?

    This is tough questioning. It can be very uncomfortable. So why ask these questions? For the amulet to work, you need to focus intention on it. If there is an underlying issue that does not align with what the amulet is supposed to do, then it is unlikely the amulet will work as the underlying intention (within you) is different to the amulets.

    As an example, if you work with an amulet to increase abundance, but deep down you don’t feel worthy of abundance, it is unlikely the amulet will work. You will need to sort out the issue of why you don’t feel worthy of abundance before working with the amulet to get the best results.

    If you choose not to work through any underlying issue, you run the risk of deliberately avoiding spiritual learning or lesson, which can bring about spiritual stagnation. This is where you find it difficult to move forward in life and tend to face forced change, which is never fun, so you eventually learn the lesson.

    Can Working With Amulets Harm You?

    We have already discussed the possibility of spiritual stagnation. This is created by your actions, but what about other ways that working with amulets can bring harm? While amulets can certainly be beneficial, more often than not they take away your power.

    It becomes easy to believe that possessing an amulet will bring about what you want by investing in and giving away your trust and power to something that is outside of yourself. This is hugely dis-empowering and can lead to losing faith in your abilities. Manifestation paradoxically becomes far more difficult when you have given away your personal power.

    Spells, Curses, Entities and Amulets

    It is essential to be aware if you are trying to control or manipulate the desired outcome and promise to do so without your input. If that is the case, you must ask yourself what is the amulet tapping into to bring about what you want? What is required of you in return? This is vital to ask as often amulets and objects have spells placed on them which come with an obligation of the bearer of the amulet to fulfil a specific contract. This fact is often not mentioned when you purchase an amulet that has a black magic spell attached to it or even an entity. There is always a payback, so these questions are essential to answer. If it feels too good, then it probably is.

    Can you trust 100% the person who created the amulet? Do your homework as the creator of the amulet or even the person who sells the amulet could easily have placed any spell or attached an entity to it. This is not in any way meant to cause fear. It is unfortunate, but there is a growing community that works by placing spells and attaching entities to amulets and objects that are now sold relatively widely.

    The Best Amulet Is One You Make

    The best and most powerful amulets are the ones that you make yourself. This is because the creation process genuinely empowers you and gives you confidence about your abilities. It also gives you peace of mind that there shouldn’t be any unwanted spells or entities attached to the amulet. 

    You can’t always have what you want overnight or through carrying an amulet. However, if you work through these steps, and consider making your amulet or purchase one from a trusted and verified source, amulets can be an exciting way to work with energies.


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