What Is An Entity?

What Is An Entity?

Since working in energy healing and spiritual development for many years, discussions about entities will come up every week. Most commonly, clients want to know how to remove them or protect themselves from entities. However, for some clients, entity clearing and protection doesn't always work. There is a common reason for this, but before I go into this, it is essential to understand what an entity is. What is an entity?

What Is An Entity?

An entity is any independently conscious negative energy form that may have malicious or damaging intent. Entities may be distinct beings or created through thought or negative intention. This is why it is essential to be in control of your thoughts.

By far, the most common type of entity I see with clients who have entity problems, are entities that they have created. No matter how much they try and remove the entity, it persists. This is because they are creating the entity. They clear the entity and then create it, and the cycle keeps repeating. The best solution for this is to address the intention and focused thought that is creating the entity. The creation of such entities is always fear based and often a 'me and them' attitude exists alongside this.

Entities may cause all sorts of problems such as lowering your vibration, energy vampirism, control of your thoughts and feelings and may potentially cause many more issues such as relationship problems.

It is also possible to pick up entities when you astral travel or during a shamanic journey if you are not experienced enough in the process.

Entities can attach to your etheric bodies in various ways such as when you have visited a specific building or a site, have been in contact with a particular group of people or have been part of or performing rituals without proper preparation or protection, have allowed for your vibration and personal power to be weakened.

How To Prevent Entities

The key to being safe from any entity attachments is to keep your personal power at a high vibrational level. Negative entities are usually of quite a low vibration and feed off the energy of fear and anger. By letting go of your fear of an entity, you are raising your vibration and preventing it from causing harm, and preventing it from manipulating your life.

If you believe an entity can’t harm you, then the entity can't hurt you. This is a powerful intention that I strongly advise you try and strengthen!

I often see clients who are very fearful or obsessed about entity activity, that they create an intention of being surrounded and influenced by entities. Be careful about what you are unintentionally creating. Your intentions and thoughts are potent!

Ensure that your intentions are not creating the entities that are affecting you. If you have been trying to remove and protect yourself from entities for a long time without success, then this is essential to address straight away.

Make sure you are not continuing to engage in certain rituals or practices that can further allow for entities to attach and cause harm. Also ensure you do not set an intention of revenge when removing an entity, especially if you suspect it was sent to you deliberately. If you set such an intention, it will not be possible to remove entities altogether.

Some of the symptoms of repeated entity attack may also be signs of mental illness. It is very important to speak to a medical practitioner if this is the case.

Entity Clearing Maintenance Attunement

I created the Entity Clearing Maintenance Attunement to assist you in working with this understanding of entities and how to remove and protect yourself. It aims to remove entities from your energy fields and your environment and remove attachments and repair any damage. This attunement also aims to assist in reducing any intentions that may be creating entities or a reality where entities are having an impact on your life. This is by far the most common type of entity and one that is rarely addressed.

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