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What Is Enlightenment?

What Is Enlightenment?

 When practising energy healing or working with attunements, you will have come across the term enlightenment. It is a word that is used often and is interpreted differently depending on your viewpoint or spiritual practice. It also tends to evoke powerful perceptions or ideas of an end state to achieve in your energy healing and spiritual journey. What is enlightenment?

What is enlightenment?

At its core, I consider enlightenment to be a profound realisation and deep understanding of something you had not known or considered previously. The goal of enlightenment is not an end state of being. Enlightenment is a process and requires action to put the realisations into practice while avoiding spiritual stagnation. The more you practice and work with enlightenment, the more these profound moments of realisation occur.

Enlightenment is a wonderful experience, and when you take the correct action, it can be life-changing. Without action, you are not fully experiencing the profound learning you gained. This also means that any discoveries you may have, may not necessarily be added to the universal understanding.

As a unique being, you will have a unique understanding of any enlightenment you experience. This means that every moment of enlightenment may lead to further insights that no one else before, present or in the future will ever have. This will always be personal to you, yet may have an impact on the broader world around you. It is for this reason that all spiritual work requires your ability to question and discover. Your perception will be unique and will add to the universal understanding. Enlightenment is not definitive, exerts control or driven by ego. Each discovery is unique and legitimate - an inspiring thought.

Moments of enlightenment are not one-off events that never reveal spiritual understandings that you are not able to discover or integrate. There is a strong emphasis in a continuous cycle of enlightenment, discovery, integration and moving forward. The focus is very much on your discoveries and not others. Suppose you are looking to discover hidden knowledge for ego-based reasons. In that case, the learnings may take longer; however, ironically may lead to profound learning experiences as you disengage your ego and focus on adding knowledge to the universal collective.

As mentioned, moments of enlightenment require action and hard work to put the spiritual understanding into practice. With this in mind, there is a tendency within the energy healing community to work with spirit guides. Spiritual guidance is one thing; however, you should be very mindful of not relinquishing your responsibilities to discover and take action to a spirit guide. Spirit guides guide, they do not direct. Never allow another being to rob you of your enlightenment and discoveries.

If you are working on increasing and strengthening your moments of enlightenment, and use attunements, you may want to consider working with the Violet Flame Enlightenment Maintenance Attunement.

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