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What Are Advanced Attunements?

What Are Advanced Attunements?

Attunements are energetic tools that aim to help you connect with specific energies. Attunements are sometimes structured in ways that make it easier to work with the energies presented in levels, functions, attunement types, etc.

However, it may not always be clear why some attunements are advanced.

The following suggestions may help you better understand advanced attunements and why this is the case.

What Are Advanced Attunements?

Advanced attunements tend to have the following considerations.

There may be other reasons why the attunement is advanced; however, the following are the most common.

Attunement Prerequisites

Some attunements have prerequisite requirements to consider working with them.

Attunement prerequisites usually refer to the need to have experience working with that type of attunement, modality, energy, etc.

Or perhaps you should have already completed a certain attunement level.

For example, a common prerequisite is already being a Reiki Master or possibly achieving a certain Reiki level.

I try to leave attunement prerequisites open and avoid giving very specific prerequisites unless necessary.

I do this because, with my experience, I know that some practitioners with almost no energy healing experience are far more spiritually aware (mentioned below) than some experienced practitioners.

Some experienced practitioners are bound by structure and dogma that they cannot work with some advanced attunements. They may find it challenging to be open to new ways of working with energies.

Because of this, I advise having energy healing experience but leaving the levels up to the practitioner so they can follow their intuition about what is best for them. After all, you know what is best for your spiritual development.

Advanced Attunement Structure

An attunement structure is how the attunement has been created and laid out to provide more accessibility or perhaps enhance the potential benefits of the attunement.

Some attunement types are good examples of this; for example, Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements have structure to provide a dynamic connection to energies better, often vast amounts of energy.

As such, Dynamic Connection Maintenance Attunements are usually termed advanced attunements due to this structuring and access to the vast amounts of energy, which a beginner may miss, rather than being overwhelmed.

Advanced Attunement Knowledge

Knowledge of a topic or attunement type is sometimes why attunements are advanced.

If this is the case, the attunement requires that you already have some understanding of the topic.

In addition, knowledge of the topic may result in working with the attunement quicker. It may also allow the manual to be more concise and less overwhelming.

Advanced Attunement View

Advanced attunements tend to have a particular view of the energies, topic, and structure and perhaps require energetic flexibility to get the most out of the attunement.

Working with some energies may require you to be flexible in how you work with energies, perceive energies, and perhaps even be challenged in how you structure or think about energies, energetic beings, realities, etc.

Making these types of attunement advanced aims to ensure you have the flexibility to work with the attunement, which may challenge you, but perhaps brings about more profound insights and discoveries resulting in enhanced spiritual development.

Advanced Attunement Topic (Challenges)

Some attunement topics, especially new attunements that have not been released before, may be labeled advanced.

This may be because the topic the attunement focuses on digs deep into spiritual concepts or aims to provide a new spiritual perspective.

Therefore, having energy healing experience would be beneficial to be open to and better understand the topic or new ways to understand something new.

Also, some energy healing topics or focuses may result in being challenged (having to work with change). This may require some experience in doing so, especially topics that work on deep spiritual levels.

Spiritual Awareness

Probably the most common reason why an attunement may be advanced is due to spiritual awareness.

Most advanced attunements require spiritual awareness not only of the energies but the ability to work with the discoveries gained and the challenges you may need to overcome.

Spiritual awareness requires taking a broader energetic view, being able to go with the flow, not controlling outcomes, trusting your perceptions, and not judging experiences.

You can't teach spiritual awareness. You gain spiritual awareness through experience. Some advanced attunements require this level of spiritual awareness to get the most out of them.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading some of the considerations of why some attunements are advanced.

I encourage you to be open and flexible. Always follow your intuition as to what is best for you or not.

Remember, there are no mistakes when working with or choosing attunements. Always learn and gain discoveries from every experience.

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