23 Best Shamanic Oracle Decks

23 Best Shamanic Oracle Decks

These are the 23 best shamanic oracle decks available on Amazon (this post contains Amazon affiliate links - please read our Disclaimer below). They offer a wide range of shamanic topics, which you can apply to most situations. In addition, the artwork is stunning, and the cards can provide precise and effective readings.

Shamanic-inspired oracle decks * connect with the energies of shamanism and shamanic practice. This may be specific shamanic teachings, principles, power animals, the elements etc. 

You do not need to be a shaman to use shamanic oracle card decks, though, as they pull on a wide range of different imagery, which will still inspire you.

Oracle decks * offer a simple yet effective form of divination that requires no specific knowledge or skill set. The oracle cards' design makes it easy to use yet provides lots of information and insights in any situation. 

Pulling an oracle card will give you insights into the situation, event, emotions or hidden aspects. 

I like to use oracle cards following shamanic or energy healing work, as they often provide an additional perspective, layer or confirmation to the work you have just completed. 

23 Best Shamanic Oracle Decks

I have selected the following 23 best shamanic oracle decks as I like the illustrations, concepts, and energies that come through the cards.

The Witches Oracle

The Witches Oracle * is a shamanic/witchy deck that features both Wiccan and shamanic known symbols and archetypes. 

This is a great deck that is beautifully illustrated and can help you develop your intuitive skills and connect with the witchy side of you. 

It is a must-have deck for anyone interested and passionate about anything Wiccan.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Cards

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Cards * is another deck by the author of the Wild Unknown Tarot * and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck *. 

Created in a similar style to the authors' previous decks, the Wild Unknown Archetypes Cards features a mixture of collages in addition to her usual artwork. 

This is not a tarot deck, although it features 78 cards, but rather a deck for more profound inner work, reflection and self-exploration. Each archetype reflected in the cards has profound symbolism.

Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards

The Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards * is a profoundly illustrated shamanic oracle card deck that brings to life the teachings and medicine of shamanic insights. 

Each card details an aspect of the shamanic perspective that brings the energies associated with them to you in a specific and clear way. 

This oracle card deck will be ideal if you are actively working on your shamanic path and already have some working knowledge.

Native Spirit Oracle Cards

The Native Spirit Oracle Cards * is slightly different from the other shamanic card decks in that each card uses actual images of nature rather than illustrations. 

Each image is expertly chosen to represent perfectly the energies associated with each card's meaning. The Native Spirit Oracle Cards focus on the inspirational side of life, even the cards selected under challenging moments or times in your life. Reminding you that spirit is always with you. 

This shamanic-inspired oracle card deck is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers inspirational images rather than symbolic illustrations.

Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle Cards 

The Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle Cards * offer a connection to the divine feminine and masculine energies. The 44 beautiful cards depict various deities and spiritual guides. 

Through working with these cards, these Gods and Goddesses offer their support, empowerment, advice and inspiration. 

This is a highly recommended deck if you are interested in deities, gods and goddesses. 

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck * is a glorious, richly coloured and illustrated oracle card deck that brings the energies associated with each card alive. 

Each of the 65-cards represents an exquisitely detailed and expressive face. The faces are the keepers of love and wisdom, with each face expressing the energies of each person's emotions, experiences and stories in a compelling way. 

While not strictly a shamanic card deck, I love that each card can elicit a feeling that other card decks don't seem to be able to reach. 

If you love people watching and learning from wise, inspirational people (wisdom keepers), you will love this card deck. I highly recommend it.

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards * is a deep and intriguingly illustrated 44-card shamanic oracle deck. 

This beautiful deck's main focus is revealing what is holding you back in life and proving solutions. The insights gained may help reduce and heal fear and unhelpful beliefs, bringing you back to a whole state. 

Each card has an illustrated shamanic-inspired imagery that connects deeply with your subconscious mind. This depth of connection aims to bring to light unhelpful thoughts and views you may not even be aware of are causing issues in your life. I love the concept of this oracle card deck and find it very healing and inspiring. 

I recommend this shamanic-inspired oracle card deck for anyone wanting to dig deep within to heal and move forward.

The Shaman's Oracle: Oracle Cards for Ancient Wisdom and Guidance

The Shaman's Oracle: Oracle Cards for Ancient Wisdom and Guidance * is a profoundly creative shamanic oracle deck that connects with the more earthy, primordial aspects of self. 

This exceptionally well-illustrated shamanic oracle deck combines symbolism and mystic depth to bring meaning and energies to you in a very personal way. 

I like how each card brings something new for each moment you use the oracle cards. So often, the information jumps forward compellingly, leaving little to the imagination. 

If you like direct messages, this oracle deck may be for you.

Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

The Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals * defines what animal medicine is all about - rich, detailed information provided in a deceptively simple way. 

When you spend time with a card drawn from this deck, you will be amazed at just how much information you can gain from the beautiful illustrations. You have the information from the animal itself and the symbology of the dream catcher on each card. 

I love the deceptively simple way these profound images bring in any situation you may use the cards.

Messages From The Ancestors Oracle Cards 

The Messages From The Ancestors Oracle Cards * is an excellent deck for working with your ancestors. The images are powerful and can help you find that hidden potential within you. 

This is a perfect deck for seeking answers from your ancestors. This is also a deck that can help you to honour your ancestors and strengthen your relationship.  

Native American Spirituality Oracle Cards 

The Native American Spirituality Oracle Cards * are an excellent deck for people who love Native American culture. It allows you to tap into the Native American spiritual principles through its beautiful imagery and symbols. 

Sacred Vision Oracle Cards 

The Sacred Vision Oracle Cards * is a new deck from Lynn V. Andrews. It has been specifically designed to help you find balance in your life, which is its primary purpose. 

Each card has a painting that a Native American artist has painted. In addition, it includes a prayer intended to unlock or awaken a particular vision within you. These prayers are meant to assist you and support you in achieving a state of balance and harmony in your life. 

Earth Warriors Oracle Cards 

The Earth Warriors Oracle Cards * have a tribal feel to them. They tap into the collective tribal wisdom. This deck can be perfect for inner work, overcoming difficulties and bringing courage and optimism out of the darkness. The images are vivid and will be enjoyed by people who like shamanic artwork. 

Celtic Spirit Oracle

The Celtic Spirit Oracle * is probably one of the best Celtic-themed oracles currently available. It is a tool to aid spiritual growth and to communicate with elemental energies. Many Elemental beings, Celtic Gods and Goddesses have been represented in this deck. 

This deck is aimed at those who enjoy the Celtic culture, myths, artwork, and legends and are interested in working with nature and Elemental beings.

Woodland Wardens Oracle 

The Woodland Wardens Oracle * is inspired by the magic of the woodland flora and fauna. This beautiful deck has a distinct art style that many nature lovers will appreciate. 

This deck draws on mythology and folklore and presents each card with a pairing of plants and animals. If you like receiving messages from nature, this could be the deck to get. 

Earth Alchemy Oracle 

The Earth Alchemy Oracle * is a multilayer deck. Its beautiful illustrations connect you to various crystals, plants, trees, the spectrum of light and flowers. 

This is a great deck if you enjoy working with crystals, plants and the energy of colours. This deck makes connecting with all these fantastic alchemical elements easy. 

Sacred Path Cards 

The Sacred Path Cards * are an excellent tool for self-discovery. They were created by a Native American medicine teacher who brought forward many native principles and teachings that can help with inner work and transformation. 

Crystal Medicine Oracle 

The Crystal Medicine Oracle * consists of 33 beautiful cards that work on all levels of your being, mind, body, and spirit and apply five different aspects of medicine. 

The author claims that all of the artwork in this deck has been channelled and envisioned through meditation. This makes this deck a little bit more special and unique. In addition, the deck is infused with earth magic and crystal medicine.

The Celtic Shaman’s Pack 

The Celtic Shaman’s Pack * is a different type of oracle deck. It isn’t a deck to be used for daily readings but rather as a more advanced spiritual tool. 

This deck includes archetypes to assist you on your shamanic/spiritual journey. Based on Celtic shamanic traditions, the cards represent critical aspects of the Celtic universe. 

The Celtic Shaman’s Pack is a great deck if you are interested in shamanic journeying.

The Spirit Of The Animals Oracle 

The Spirit Of The Animals Oracle * cards present 51 sensitively presented spirit animals. Through working with this deck, you will discover the different power animals, their medicine, magic and what guidance they have to offer you daily. 

This is probably one of the nicest spirit animal decks available.

Energy And Spirit Oracle

The Energy And Spirit Oracle * is an easy-to-work deck with an esoteric feel to the cards. The cards feature archangels, ascended masters and various other guides. It can easily be adapted into your shamanic practice or combined with other similar oracles. 

The Energy And Spirit Oracle is more of a daily oracle enjoyed by people interested in their ancestry and shamanic heritage. 

Archetype Cards 

The Archetype Cards * are a practical tool and a great addition to your oracle card collection. 

This is a perfect deck for light and shadow work, tapping into your subconscious and finding out what archetypes run your life. It contains 80 archetype cards that provide the light and shadow attributes of various archetypes. 

This is a deck that I would recommend for more profound spiritual work rather than as a daily oracle.

Untamed Spirit: Animal Oracle

The Untamed Spirit: Animal Oracle * features 50 sacred animals that represent the ancestral wisdom of animals through symbolism and folklore. 

Each animal comes with a specific message. The booklet gives a brief origin of each animal together with symbols that are associated with it. 

The Untamed Spirit Animal Oracle is an excellent deck for animal lovers and those exploring the mysticism and magical powers of various animals. 

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I think the 23 best shamanic oracle decks are a selection of shamanic-inspired oracle decks that stand out. They offer exciting ways to receive information and strengthen your connections with your shamanic practice.

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