How Many Times Can You Accept A Chi Ball Attunement?

Chi Ball Attunements have many benefits. They allow you to accept your attunement whenever you are ready, they have no deadlines to accept them by, and the strength of the energy never diminish over time. However, how many times can you accept a Chi Ball Attunement that has already been prepare for you?

How Many Times Can You Accept A Chi Ball Attunement?

At Blissful Light, you can accept your Chi Ball Attunement as often as you like, whenever you wish. There are no limits to how often you can recall the same attunement in the future. The energies will never diminish over time so they will be as strong in the future as they are now.

However, there is a caveat to this. Some practitioners do place limits on the amounts of times you can recall an attunement. They may even include other ways to control the energies. So if you are accepting attunements from sources other than Blissful Light, then you must check with the person who prepared the attunement for you to see if any limits were put in place when the attunement was prepared.

I never place limits on the number of times you can accept an attunement, so please feel free to recall your attunements as often as you wish.



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