How To Make An Energy Healing Elixir

How To Make An Energy Healing Elixir

Elixirs have long been used in healing circles, going back thousands of years. They were often used for medicinal reasons and also for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. They are very much part of all our histories and part of our collective consciousness. As the broader awareness of energy healing has increased over the past century, there has been an awakening of the uses of elixirs for healing and spiritual development in particular. Here is a very straightforward way how to make an energy healing elixir.

What Is An Elixir?

Before I go further, I wanted to define what an elixir is in practical terms. An elixir is a liquid, often water mixed with other liquids such as alcohol, to create a solution that is then used to transfer or transport a healing substance from the solution directly into your body once absorbed.

With this in mind, an energy healing elixir is the infusing of a liquid (typically water) with healing energies to bring about positive change once ingested.

Three popular focus areas to use energy healing elixirs for are:

  1. Infuse the water with healing energy for general healing, well-being, and vitality.
  2. Focus on specific physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue.
  3. Self and spiritual development.

However, you can focus on anything you wish - the sky is the limit!

How To Make An Energy Healing Elixir

The most practical way of making an energy healing elixir is using intention.

Intention is the process of wanting to do something and cause change - using your mind to activate and ‘program' energies.

  1. Fill a glass or container with water.
  2. Hold the glass or bottle in your hands.
  3. Focus your mind on what you want to achieve with the energy healing elixir.
  4. If you are attuned to energy healing systems, then activate the energies you wish to infuse into the water. Use your intention to infuse the water with the energies using a statement similar to ‘I now create an energy healing elixir with [NAME THE ENERGY] for [WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE].' If you are not attuned to any energy healing system, you can use your intention to infuse the water with healing energies of light or love. You can also infuse the elixir with the energies associated with music and sound.
  5. Let the energies flow into the water.
  6. This typically only lasts a minute or two.
  7. Once finished then you can drink the water.

How easy is that! Have fun with this and be creative. If you can think it, then you can create it.

If you are interested in the programming of water, then you may be interested in the works of Masaru Emoto.


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