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Kundalini Seichim, A Perfect Kundalini Reiki Alternative

Kundalini Seichim, A Perfect Kundalini Reiki Alternative

Kundalini Reiki is a well known energy healing system, however it may not be for everyone. Some practitioners do not like working with the more masculine Reiki energy or like the structured approach to the attunements. If you fall into this category or if you are already a Kundalini Reiki master and want to expand on your experience, then Kundalini Seichim is a perfect alternative.

Kundalini Seichim, A Perfect Kundalini Reiki Alternative

Kundalini Seichim is a popular energy healing system is an energy healing system that combines kundalini energy and Seichim energy.

It is taught over three levels, each with an attunement.

Each level builds on the previous and gradually aims to activate and expand kundalini energy, while increasing your connection with Seichim energy.

Kundalini Seichim uses Seichim energies. Seichim energy is a beautiful, multidimensional energy that is comforting, healing and uplifting.

Often described as a feminine version of Reiki, Seichim is very adaptable. It can be used for healing, stress reduction, energy balancing, spiritual awakening, and ascension.

Seichim vibrates at a higher vibration than Reiki energy, which means it works perfectly with kundalini energy, allowing for a more expansive and dynamic experience.

Kundalini Seichim is even easier to learn and master than Kundalini Reiki. Kundalini Seichims three levels build upon each other, rather than focus on expanding further parts of the kundalini channel.

This means you do not need to learn new ways in activating the energies or exercises to open and expand the kundalini channel at each level.

Each level of Kundalini Seichim is activated and worked within precisely the same way.

Like Kundalini Reiki, Kundalini Seichim also comes with built-in functions which are built into the third and final attunement (master level).

However, Kundalini Seichim significantly builds on this by providing 35 built-in functions.

This makes learning Kundalini Seichim significantly easier to learn for beginners.

For more experienced practitioners, Kundalini Seichim is open-ended, which means you may find many more functions that are specific for you and the energies can also be directed by intention - meaning the sky is the limit in the energies uses.

You can direct the energies with intention to absolutely anything you can think.

If you are already a Kundalini Reiki master, Kundalini Seichim is a perfect way to expand upon your experience and energy work.

Seichim compliments and adds upon Reiki energy, expanding the energy range. It also aims to strengthen further and amplify the kundalini energy.

Kundalini Seichim is a perfect alternative or addition to Kundalini Reiki.

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