What Are Meridians?

You will undoubtedly have heard of meridians if you are researching energy healing and some spiritual practices. There are lots of different ideas of what meridians are, how they function, and how to work with them depending on the practice’s viewpoint. Understanding meridians can be confusing because of this. To understand what are meridians, you must remove practice viewpoints and look at the basic understanding.

What are meridians?

Meridians are energetic pathways in your etheric energy body that sit within and permeate your physical body. Meridians are super energy highways that transport energy in your body to where they may be required. Unlike other energy bodies, the meridians do not tend to move or operate outside of the etheric and physical body.

You receive energy through the chakras and aura. These energy bodies take energy from around you and bring it to you. Once the energies reach the etheric body, which permeates the physical body, the meridians transport these energies to where they are most needed. In an ideal situation, only positive and vital energies will be brought in and then distributed by your meridians. However, sometimes, non-serving external energies may be brought in and circulated. These non-serving energies tend to cause blockages or cause the meridians to become sluggish. When meridians distribute energies slowly, they no longer operate optimally, resulting in significantly reduced circulated energy in your body. Reduced energy flow may result in you feeling drained energetically.

In addition to this, meridians can also become sluggish when internal non-serving energies, such as non-serving emotional energy, begin to concentrate in the meridians. This can especially be seen around the liver area, where there is a tendency for emotional energies to collect and become stuck. This causes the meridians in that area to become sluggish, which may reduce well-being and vitality.

Meridians, like all energy bodies, may become unbalanced due to energies within it, structural issues and blockages. This tends to happen with meridians on a more localised scale due to how they channel energies around our etheric and physical body.

It may be helpful to imagine that meridians are like rivers. Small tributaries meet up and flow into more significant streams, which then may flow into rivers. These rivers criss-cross the landscape carrying life-giving water. Now and then there may be a restriction in the river that causes the water to dam up behind it. This causes excess water to build up behind the blockage, and in front of the dam, there may be very little water due to the barrier. Energetically in meridians, this type of blockage will cause an imbalance in energies. Depending on where the blockage may be, you may find a build-up of energy or depletion of energy. Depending on where it is in the body, it may result in different symptoms.

Meridian Maintenance Attunement

The healthy maintenance of your meridians is essential for overall well-being and vitality. The Meridian Maintenance Attunement aims to provide useful tools for the healthy functioning of your meridians. This attunement is an ideal addition to your daily energy healing practices to maintain healthy meridians.

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