What Is Life Force Energy?

What Is Life Force Energy?

Life force energy is the energy of your being within your energy bodies. This is the energy within your aura, chakras, meridian, kundalini etc.

The life force energy sustains you energetically and is a vital aspect of who you are as an energy being.

Your life force energy is integral to who you are as an energy being. It is instrumental in how you feel, perceive, and interact with the world around you. A well-maintained life force is essential.

Sometimes non-serving energies may get stuck or infiltrate your life force energy and should be removed regularly.

Non-serving energies requiring removal are any energies that are not life force energy and are non-serving. This may be due to inner energy creation, such as having negative emotions to working with non-serving energies during energy healing treatments.

Healthy life force energy flows sustainably and effectively within all of your energy bodies.

Sustained life force flow is essential as this may prevent energetic blockages and ensure your vibration is high.

It also aims to prevent areas within your energy bodies that have reduced energetic flow and possible sluggish energy bodies in that area. An example of this may be sluggish lower chakras, where there is no apparent chakra blockage.

Maintaining healthy life force energy is essential.

If you work with attunements, you may be interested in the following attunements that may assist you in maintaining, protecting and enhancing your life force energy:

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