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What Are The Psychic Clair Senses?

What Are The Psychic Clair Senses?

The clair senses are the psychic ways you energetically perceive the energies around you. The main clair senses which describe how you energetically perceive spiritual information are: clairalience (smell), clairaudience (hearing), claircognisance (knowing), clairgustance (taste), clairsentience (feeling), clairtangency (touch), and clairvoyance (sight).

We all have clair senses. However, your clair senses are often ignored or suppressed, so they are difficult to be perceived. Especially in modern life, continuous distractions and chaotic energies around you may drown out your clair senses. Also, from an early age, our clair senses are often suppressed. However, this may not always be intentional, somewhat a consequence of the over polarised focus on mental function and value.

Your clair senses develop and strengthen the more you use them. This is a wonderful thing to consider, as your clair senses are never lost or missing. They are there, and you can use them with practice and continuous use. Like most psychic development skills, it is easy to assume that your skills must be massively exaggerated or out of this world to be effective or believed. There is a tendency to want to have extraordinary powers driven by ego or a need for power. Also, some expect an instant acceleration in their clair senses, yet don't put in the practice, time and effort. Like all spiritual development, enhancing your clair senses takes time, practice, trust, action and a willingness to question.

Some have a stronger clair sense; some use all of them at varying levels and at different times. In my experience, we have all the clair senses; instead, some are stronger than others. This means that we may not perceive some of the clair senses, yet they are still there. Also, it is typical to use multiple clair sense at the same time. The benefit of this is that you perceive a much broader and rounded energetic perception. It also means that the stronger clair senses tend to dominate the more subtle clair senses. When I am doing divination, I always pay attention to the more subtle clair senses as this either confirms the perceptions and often gives more detail and nuance.

If you work with attunements and want to strengthen and enhance your clair sense, you may be interested in the following attunements:

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