What Is Gaia Shakti Energy?

What Is Gaia Shakti Energy?

Gaia is the goddess of planet earth. She permeates all life on our planet and is intricately linked to the planets consciousness, spiritual evolution, life and spiritual development. Our planet is conscious with its own spiritual journey, evolution and development. While this may be very different from how we perceive spiritual development for ourselves, Gaia sustains life and is integral to our spiritual development as humans. Without Gaia, we would not be able to ground ourselves fully energetically, and our lifeforce would not sustain human existence. Thus, our spiritual development and human experience are connected with Gaias.

Although heavily focused on our planet, Gaia maintains strong universal goddess energy, which is very encouraging, supportive and nurturing. She is the energy of mother earth, which can energetically support and develop us on our spiritual paths. It is a very inspiring thought to consider her motherly role in our spiritual development and human experience. However, the maternal role is not an overpowering, directing force, but rather it is supportive, nurturing and encouraging when we have the need. You are still in complete control of your spiritual development and awakening. Gaia has a fundamental role in our human experience, which should always be honoured and expressed with gratitude.

Shakti is the universal feminine energy associated with creation, manifestation and is very loving and supportive. Shakti energy is a powerfully creative force that is deeply associated with Gaia. Shakti energy is expansive and extends far beyond Gaia, which brings a deep universal connection of interconnectedness and oneness. Working with Shakti energy may assist you in accelerating your spiritual development yet remain grounded and fully aware of oneness. This is an essential aspect of spiritual development, where you let go of ego, express compassion and empathy for all and acknowledge unity and equality.

Shakti is a beautiful energy to work with due to its expansiveness yet grounding qualities. The energies contain vast amounts of universal knowledge, especially connected with creation, history and manifestation. These energies are an excellent addition to any manifestation work, especially work requiring a deep understanding of the universal spiritual dynamics.

Gaia Shakti energy is the combination of energies and qualities associated with Gaia and Shakti. The deeply nurturing, supportive and loving energies of Shakti compliment Gaia perfectly. They combine and work together in harmony, which may benefit all spiritual development, manifestation, awakening and ascension work. The combined energies are very grounding, making them ideal energy to enhance grounding and any spiritual or energetic practice that involves our planet, such as crystal healing, shamanism, paganism, Wicca etc.

Gaia Shakti energies are highly compassionate and restorative. You may find working with these energies in times of stress, feeling depleted, or when you need a spiritual pick me up may be beneficial. Also, if you are working on deep clearings or spiritual progression that requires focused healing, these energies may not only help the process but ensure you feel spiritually loved, supported and encouraged. I love to include these energies into any energy healing or spiritual practices, especially at the end of a healing session due to the loving grounding energies.

If you work with attunements, you may be interested in the Gaia Shakti Of Healing Connection Maintenance Attunement. This is a wonderful way to connect with the energies of healing associated with Gaia Shakti energies. You may also be interested in the following Gaia Shakti based energy attunements:

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