What Are Lunar Energies?

What Are Lunar Energies?

Lunar energies are associated with the moon. These may be energetic connections directly with the moon, lunar cycles, spiritual teachings, qualities, consciousness etc. Lunar energies have a wide range of qualities and are adaptable, and very popular in certain energy healing and spiritual practices.

Lunar energies are often most known for their focus on new beginnings. They are beautiful energies to work with when starting a new project or next phase in life. It highlights the natural cycles in life where you start, nurture, grow, harvest, complete etc. The emphasis is very much on the continuous cycle of life, where nothing ever remains the same, except the potential of learning, discovering and growing spiritually.

Lunar energies aim to remind you of the flow of life and the importance of letting go of what is not essential and embracing what you have. The energies are tremendously purifying and able to clear non-serving energies, especially stubborn energies ready to be released. 

Lunar energies are intricately linked with the energies of elemental water. Elemental water energies are the energies associated with the water, the element. Elemental water is one of four elements (air, earth and fire) and is often associated with deep emotional healing, intuition, clearing and empathy. These qualities are also strongly associated with lunar energies. When you combine elemental water and lunar energies, the energies amplify and enhance each other while being very grounding and nurturing.

Part of embracing the flow of life is to spend time in contemplation and reflection. Lunar energies aim to assist in this, as the energies focus on depth, meaning that they work deeply and profoundly and leave no stone unturned. While this process may not always be comfortable, you may be able to clear deeply and move forward. 

The depths that lunar energies work on may also be very beneficial in enhancing your intuition. Intuition is the gut feeling you have when you receive energetic information. Intuition is a perception that is beneficial in all spiritual work. In addition, you may also find that your psychic development accelerates, where your stronger psychic abilities are enhanced and the weaker ones strengthened. These extremely protective and empathy enhancing energies are an excellent way to work on developing your psychic abilities.

There are many lunar energy based attunements available. However, if you are looking for an energy healing system to work with lunar energies, I highly recommend the Blissful Light Lunar Healing Maintenance Attunement. The energies of this attunement aim to be very supportive and nurturing and yet be able to clear deeply and enhance moments of enlightenment

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