What Is The Higher Self?

What Is The Higher Self?

There are many different ideas of the higher self, depending on your belief, practices, or viewpoint. At its core, your higher self is the overall essence of your true self. Your higher self is your true nature, which is above and not impacted by conflicts, conditioning, and ego that you may experience in daily life. While integral to your human experience, your higher self transcends this as it is the eternal expression of your being. It knows that while your human experience is essential for your spiritual evolution, it allows you access your true essence to accelerate your spiritual evolution.

Your higher self is whole, and has a complete understanding of your desires, wants and needs. The human experience is often not easy and results in challenges. However, it is through these challenges that you have the opportunity to grow spiritually. The higher self is unaffected by challenges, difficulties, bad experiences, conditioning etc. 

Your true self is the aspect of you that, if you connect with, may align you with your life path more tangibly. You instinctively know what you should do and the direction you should take your life. Your higher self is your essence; it’s not a dictator or spirit guide. It is essential to establish a relationship with your higher self that is not disempowering, divisive or perpetuating victimhood. . 

A relatively unknown aspect of working with the higher self is the ability to clear and heal karmic issues. As the higher self is your personal essence, it is in these energies that you may find connections to karmic energies. 

An aspect often overlooked about the higher self is that it is incredibly kind, nurturing and deeply compassionate. When you integrated with your higher self profoundly (removing any sense of detachment or separation), you may find you are more kind and compassionate with yourself and others, reduce suffering and experience abundance, joy and lightness of spirit.

Higher Self Maintenance Attunement

If you work with attunements, you may be interested in the Higher Self Maintenance Attunement. The Higher Self Maintenance Attunement aims to assist in ensuring the optimal functioning of your higher self, enhancing higher self communication, dimensional integrity, and spiritual awakening.

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