What Are Energetic Blockages?

What Are Energetic Blockages?

When working with attunements and energy healing, you will come across the term energetic blockages. The term is widely used and often implies a certain authority, however, to get full context it is essential to understand what are energetic blockages.

What Are Energetic Blockages?

Energetic blockages are energies that are often associated with emotions, conscious and subconscious thoughts, spiritual awareness etc. that prevent energies from flowing freely. The slowing down of free-flowing energies may, over time, cause emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Blockages typically prevent you from moving forward in life. They may confuse and deter you from thinking or feeling clear, further compounding the ability to move forward.

Energetic blockages occur on a scale from very slight to nearly entirely blocked. This is essential to understand, especially for beginners. Energetic blockages do not necessarily mean that the blockage totally blocks the flow of energy. As an example, I often hear from clients who are concerned their third eye chakra is blocked. They worry that the chakra is completely blocked and no energies flow through it. In my experience, it is extremely rare, if impossible, to have a complete blockage of any kind that stops energies from flowing.

Typically blockages reduce energy flow, rather than completely block energy flow. If you take a step back from this and consider that the energies we are referring to are subtle energies. In order for subtle energies to cause a complete blockage, the density required would be impossible to achieve. Some structural damage of energy bodies can create a near-total blockage in some situations, but again, this is extremely rare.

Blockages can be subtle. Often the obvious is just a surface level manifestation of a deeper underlying blockage. It can be challenging to identify these more deep-rooted blockages, and they tend to require time thinking about or contemplating the deeper meanings of situations. Again, this may be difficult when the blockage is causing confusion. I mention this as often it is best not to only focus on an energetic blockage, but take a wider more holistic approach to deal with blockages. In many ways, an energetic blockage is a symptom of an underlying issue.

How To Clear Energy Blocks

One of the most effective ways of working to clear energy blocks or energetic blockages of negative energy is to raise your vibration.

This means that you remove or reduce energies from your life that are dense, negative, hold you back etc. This can be energies within you (emotions, thoughts etc.), actions, reactions and from your environment.

The more you focus on positive and healthy emotions, thoughts, reactions, actions and environments, you start to raise your vibration. This, in turn, starts removing energetic blockages.

Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement

While you do not need attunements to clear blockages, I created the Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement with the aim of assisting you to clear energetic blockages. It aims to work on all types of blockages while raising your vibration.

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