What Is An Energy Healing Etheric Feedback Cord?

What is an energy healing etheric feedback cord?

Etheric cords are energetic structures that enable two objects to communicate with each other energetically. Most etheric cords are positive and allow for stronger bonding, empathy and feeling connected. Etheric cords are not all negative. There are a few different types of etheric cords, based on their primary function. What is an energy healing etheric feedback cord?

What Is An Energy Healing Etheric Feedback Cord?

Energy healing etheric feedback cords form when you are doing any energy work with someone else. The energy work maybe when you give someone a treatment or prepare an attunement. The energy work may be done in-person or via distance. Energy healing feedback cords connect you directly with the person you are doing energy work on with the primary function of allowing you to gain energetic feedback. Energy healing etheric feedback cords typically connect from your heart chakra to the recipient's heart chakra.

It is through the energy healing feedback cord that you may perceive the state of the recipient's energies, what needs attention or any spiritual messages in general. These messages may come in the form of thoughts, mental images, sensations, smells, shapes, colours etc. Stay open and aware of anything that you may receive and be lead by them. As you can see, this connection is essential.

After the completion of any type of energy healing, it is essential to remember to cut or close the cord. This is very important as maintaining the cord for any length of time following energy healing; it is possible that you may feel weakened or tired. Cutting the cord is very easy and requires a firm movement of your hand swiped down across your body from your neck across the chest (heart chakra) and then away from the body. Be firm with the movement and do this at least three times on both sides of your body. You can also break the connection by using your intention while doing this exercise.

Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement

The Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement has been designed to cut non-serving cords and maintain healthy cords. This attunement is a wonderful tool for anyone who works with clients or does a lot of energy healing for others.

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