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Energy Healing And Permanence

Energy Healing And Permanence

Energy healing and permanence or having constant energies is a topic that comes up from time to time. It is an interesting topic area as you are a dynamic energy being (doesn’t that sound great!). What this means is that your energies are not static; they are changeable. Your energies naturally interact with the environment around you. They sense, interchange and draw in energies that intern allows you to read the energies around you. It is through this interchangeability of your energies with the environment that allows your intuition to work. In part, this bringing in of energies occurs through the chakras. However, this also occurs through your aura.

Energy Healing And Permanence

This interchange of energies is essential to be aware of when considering the permanence of energy. When you bring in energies into your energy bodies, your energy bodies change. This may be both positive or non-serving. As an example, if you enter a room that is healing, supportive and energetically a joy to be in, these energies are transferred to you usually resulting in you feeling happy and content. This may also occur in non-serving environments when you sense negative energies, and these energies may then linger in your energy bodies.

The energies within your energy bodies are also dynamic. When you bring in external energies, this changes your energies due to the reasons mentioned above. If these energies cause imbalance, you may find that you feel more emotional etc. Or when you feel emotions that are not balanced, this may cause an imbalance within your energies. Again, this is how your energy bodies work; they are changeable and dynamic.

Having changeable or dynamic energies within your energy bodies is not a bad thing. It services an essential function. It allows you to gain insights, discoveries and spiritual enlightenment. To grow spiritually, you need to discover insights around you in your life. In many ways, these discoveries and moments of enlightenment require friction. Dynamic energies allow for this to occur naturally at the correct time allowing for more profound insights and enlightenment. It is an essential aspect of gaining moments of enlightenment.

With this in mind, seeking a permanent state of being or constant energies both within and outside of you is not possible as you are dynamic. You are designed to be dynamic. Seeking constant energies (such a constant high vibration, constant energetic protection, etc.) limits what is possible, may reduce your intuition, stall your spiritual development and moments of enlightenment. I must stress that the emphases is on seeking constant energies. Working on energetic protection, raising your vibration etc. is absolutely necessary for certain circumstances as long as the intention is not seeking permanence. Life is about gaining insights and discoveries, not controlling what is possible. If you fear change and experiences, it is far more beneficial to look at the causes of this, rather than seeking to avoid it. When you look within, rather than control experience, you may be far more likely to move forward and gain moments of enlightenment.

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