Working With The Earth Star Chakra

Working With The Earth Star Chakra

Working with the earth star chakra can be very revealing. The earth star chakra is a dynamic chakra and has many functions. In order to work more optimally with the earth star chakra, it can be helpful to understand more about how this special chakra functions and some of the more nuanced aspects.

Earth Star Chakra Vibration And Frequency

For the earth star chakra to be healthy and function optimally, it must vibrate at its most optimal frequency. When the earth star chakra is balanced and vibrating at its most optimal frequency, you may have a higher possibility of increased vitality and wellbeing.

Sometimes the vibration of the earth star chakra may become unstable. This may result in a pulsing action. The vibration of the earth star chakra fluctuates between vibrating at a high frequency and lower frequency causing the earth star chakra to change shape and the walls of the chakra to ripple in much the same way as kelp moves in ocean currents. The wider the vibrational arch, the more the earth star chakras structure bends in on itself which accelerates the loss of function.

The earth star chakra may experience changes in its frequency when you are in an environment that is non-supportive, or you may be experiencing unbalance in your energy bodies. This may result in becoming ungrounded (the earth star chakra loses function), which may affect the functioning of the earth star chakra and other lower chakras.

Earth Star Chakra Blockages

Due to the flow of energy into and out of the earth star chakra, non-serving energies may collect in the chakra. These negative energies collect and are generally of a lower frequency than the chakra itself. This further intensifies the non-serving energy until it starts to block and impair the optimal functioning of the chakra. Due to each chakras unique frequency, they tend to attract certain types of non-serving energies. The energies that typically get blocked in the earth star chakra tend to result in causing disconnection from the world around you (interconnection with life), feeling ungrounded, reduced vitality and well-being.

Earth Star Chakra Ancestral Healing

As the earth star chakra is associated with the energetic interconnectedness of life, this chakra is very beneficial in connecting with and healing ancestral issues. Your ancestors are connected to you through ancestral ties, often through concurrent dimensions (making it possible for your ancestors to remain in contact with you). Ancestral healing may be necessary when you feel you are repeatedly making the same non-serving patterns or you feel strong compassion to help an ancestor who may have had difficulty.

Working with the earth star chakra is fairly straight forward, which you can do with your intention. However, if you would like to work with the earth star chakra using an attunement, you may want to consider the Earth Star Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement.

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