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How Do You Know If You Are Ungrounded?

How Do You Know If You Are Ungrounded?

When you are grounded, you tend to be more vital with higher well-being levels. However, due to energies being in constant flow, it is easy to become unbalanced and ungrounded. How do you know if you are ungrounded?

When you become ungrounded, there are usually subtle signs that can alert you.

These signs will often be very slight to start with and get more pronounced the more ungrounded you become.

It is essential to act upon any signs of being ungrounded as any unbalance may cause emotional, mental and spiritual issues to manifest over time.

This, in turn, may reduce vitality and well-being, so it is essential to ensure you remain balanced and grounded.

How Do You Know If You Are Ungrounded?

Before you check to see if you are ungrounded, it is essential to be aware that some of these experiences may also be signs of a medical condition.

You must always consult a medical practitioner if you feel you may be ill or unwell before considering energy healing.

Energetic ungrounding involves subtle energies, and as such, never assume any symptoms are energetic in nature before you have consulted a medical practitioner.

Depending on where the unbalance may be occurring, you may experience the following (all should be energetically subtle):

  • Subtle aching or discomfort in the soles of your feet and base chakra.
  • A sense of fear or anxiety felt around the base chakra.
  • Feel out of energetic balance.
  • Subtle spinning feeling at the top of your head.
  • Unable to maintain sustained mental focus.
  • The desire to only live in bliss and spiritual expansion.
  • Avoiding spiritual integration and discoveries.

It is vital to maintain a balance between being grounded and any spiritual work.

While spiritual expansion and bliss can feel fantastic and be enticing, it is essential to remember that you are an energy being having a human experience.

As such, you must maintain a balance between being grounded and any spiritual work.

How To Become More Grounded

If you are ungrounded, you may be interested in practising a short grounding exercise detailed in Increase Vitality With The Earth Star Chakra Meditation.

If you work with attunements, I highly recommend the Grounding Maintenance Attunement, which aims to help you maintain a sense of grounding during energy work or your day.

You may also be interested in the Top Grounding Attunements blog post.

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