Is Energetic Shielding Harming You?

Is Energetic Shielding Harming You?

I am often met with amazement when I tell a client that I can see they practice energetic shielding. Unfortunately, I tend to know this by looking at their damaged auras. Excessive energetic protection shielding may cause significant aura damage and a debilitating reduction in energetic vitality. Is energetic shielding harming you?

I must stress that I am referring to excessive energetic protection shielding. This is any shielding that is disproportionately reactive and used too often. Disproportionately reactive means any shield that tries to block out all energy or separate you from the energies around you.

How Does The Damage Appear?

I start every treatment with an energy scan of the energy bodies. This includes looking at overall vitality levels followed by the health of each energy body when I perceive low vitality, denser than usual energy towards the physical body and constriction within the auric boundaries I immediately know that there is a serious problem.

When I look closer at the aura, I will often perceive an ‘external energy layer’ (not a natural part of the aura) within the aura that has forced the lower auric layers down, causing the energies to condense and become stagnant. The layers above the ‘external energy layer’ are often extremely faint and almost entirely non-functioning. This is a very significant energetic issue.

How Does The Shield Cause Damage?

As the shield starts to take effect, it integrates into the aura. Depending on the practice and shield used, this will typically be in the middle to outer layers of the aura.

Once established, the shield strengthens and widens, which causes the lower auric layers to compress. This often causes the energies in the lower auric layers to become unbalanced and more condensed. The energies are unable to flow or function optimally.

Above the shield, the auric layers are unable to connect with the lower layers effectively. The more they are isolated, they become structurally unstable and are unable to function optimally. The upper layers and the wider energies around you, both positive and negative, are unable to reach your other energy bodies.

Is Energetic Shielding Harming You?

The consequences, depending on the strength of the shield, is a reduction in energy reaching the lower auric layers and other energy bodies. This may significantly reduce energetic vitality.

You may start to display symptoms of being cut off from higher energies and spiritual connections. This is because the higher auric layers are often associated with the soul and spiritual realms. Your energy bodies may become unbalanced, which may manifest in spiritual issues.

The irony of overprotection is that you usually feel you need even more protection. This is because you have cut yourself off from the energies around you.

You may also be exhibiting signs of spiritual stagnation. This is where you are unable to learn and discover life lessons. When you are unable or unwilling to do this, life tends to force you to experience them so you can learn and grow spiritually.

Perceived bad experiences still need to be experienced and should not be avoided at all costs as you may rob yourself of a true spiritual understanding. It is far easier and more beneficial to willingly learn from experiences than have life force you to experience it.

Unfortunately, these energetic consequences may make you feel more unsafe, resulting in practising more energetic protection and shielding. It becomes a cycle of repetition where you may become a victim as you blame it on someone or something outside of you.

Only ever use energetic protective shielding in times where there is a clear and specific need for it or as part of your balanced daily energetic routine. Ensure it does not block all energies and experience even ‘negative’ energies if it is necessary to learn and grow.

Focusing on raising your vibration and personal power is a far better practice than excessive energetic protection.

The Protective Shield Maintenance Attunement is a safe attunement that you may want to consider for energetic shielding. The High Vibration Maintenance Attunement may also be worth considering to add to your daily energetic practices.

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