Energetic Protection

What Is Energetic Protection?

What Is Energetic Protection?

Protecting your energy is an essential part of energy healing.

There are many ways to protect your energies. This will depend on what and why your energy is negatively impacted or drained.

Understanding energetic protection requires knowing what drains your energy and how best to approach it. This also includes knowing why protecting your energy is so important.

What Is Energetic Protection?

Energetic protection protects your energy from the infiltration and influence of negative energy.

Your energy includes your personal and spiritual energy and can extend to the energies of your home, location, or possessions.

Negative energies are any non-serving energies that may negatively impact your energies. Most negative energies are from external energy sources.

Your aura protects your personal energies, which forms a natural protective energy shield. This protective shield keeps the vast majority of negative energy at bay.

In most cases where energetic protection is required, it is not caused by a deliberate action such as a psychic attack. Instead, most negative energy occurs from interactions with the world around you.

However, there may be times when negative energies may get past the aura. It is in these times that practicing energetic protection becomes essential.

Protecting your energy is an essential aspect of energy healing.

What Drains A Person’s Energy?

Negative energy is any energy that negatively impacts your energy. With this in mind, there are many ways that this can occur in your daily life.

Family Members

No one knows how to push your buttons more than your family. Family members also tend to be bold in expressing opinions or exerting control.

While this does not mean all family members are problematic, they are not; it is easy to feel energetically depleted when spending time with them.

Toxic People

We all know how being around negative emotions can make you feel. Some people give off negative energies, which can be uncomfortable to be around for any length of time.

These people should be avoided.

I want to mention, though, that people are not toxic. However, being around their energies may feel this way.

Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is a focused energy attack, sending negative energies directly to you. This can be intentional or unintentional.

Psychic attacks, especially intentional ones, may cause energetic damage to your energy bodies.

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are peoples who drain your energy. This may occur when your attention is constantly being consumed by someone. Or you are the focus of someone’s drama or are their sounding board.

Energy vampirism often happens throughout the day, and most energetic vampirism is done unintentionally.

Energy vampires, over time, get a taste for your energy and find ways to constantly take your life force energy. It is for this reason that strong boundaries are essential for energetic protection.

Social Media

A quick way to drain your energy is to spend excessive time on social media. Every interaction, both directly through viewing information, causes energy interactions.

These interactions can drain your energy levels quickly. If you think about how many people you interact with just by checking your social media feeds, you can understand why.

Surrounding World

Although it is vague to say the surrounding work can drain your energy, I say this to show that any interaction can drain your energy.

This is due to the very many energetic interactions you will have each and every day. You will come into contact with negative energies, which may drain your energy.

Do You Need Energetic Protection?

While I have listed some common energy drains, you should not be scared of these reasons. You are a human being who has an energy field that provides natural energetic defenses via the aura.

Most negative energies will be prevented from entering your own energy.

When your positive energy is a high vibration, your natural force field surrounding you will repel most negative influences.

Sensitive people may feel this more profoundly, especially when in large groups of people.

In most instances, keeping a strong aura, positive energy, and personal power will be enough; there may be times when energetic protection may be required.

This may be more so when you are subject to energies being sent to you from a deliberate suspected source.

The Importance Of Protecting Your Energy

Your energy is valuable. Suppose your personal energy is high-vibration and plentiful. In that case, it may assist in feeling more vital and enhance your spiritual and personal development. It is also fundamental in effective spiritual protection.

This is why you should take the protection of your energies seriously.

In a practical sense, this may mean you reduce your time with (better yet altogether avoid) toxic energy from negative people.

In addition, this may enhance your psychic protection (protection from psychic attack).

How Do I Protect My Energy?

Energetic protection can be a complicated practice to navigate. Therefore, start light and then add when you need.

One of the best ways to protect yourself in all situations is to ensure your personal power is high.

This means that if you feel strong and protected, you are. Having high personal power and awareness of your own power sets a strong intention that you are protected.

Reviewing your power, especially if you feel like a victim, is essential in working with any energy protection processes.

Don’t play games or cause energetic protection issues for others, as you will not be able to be protected if this is the case. You can't attack and expect to be protected.

When reducing time with toxic energies, set boundaries for yourself and stick to them. Energy vampires will always test your boundaries, so ensure they align with your higher self.

Keeping crystals, especially black crystals, on you or around you during the day is one of the best energy protection practical methods. A great crystal to consider is black tourmaline, which is an energetically protective stone.

Smokey quartz is another excellent crystal for energetic protection.

hand holding smokey quartz for energetic protection
Holding smokey quartz in your hand for a while is wonderful for energetic protection.

A powerful way to work with crystals is to have a sacred space, such as an altar, to place your crystals and have a focus to set an intention each day.

If you work with angels, Archangel Michael is exceptionally protective. So respectfully ask him (internally or out loud) for energy protection.

Energy healing is a popular way to enhance your energetic protection, especially the shielding processes. Doing regular powerful energy clearing and working with white light may be helpful.

Attunements are lovely, energetic tools that may help with energetic protection. The Top Energetic Protection Attunements blog post lists some of the energy protection attunements that I think stand out.


Protecting your energy is essential. When your energy is high vibration and not being drained, you may be better able to enhance your personal and spiritual development.

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