Working With Archangel Michael

Working With Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is probably one of the best-known Archangels. Often described as a warrior angel, he appears in many different religious texts. He is depicted in paintings and statues as a strong angel banishing a large sword while standing over his defeated enemy. These depictions hardly give many references to his many other qualities. Working with Archangel Michael can certainly bring the unexpected.

Working With Archangel Michael

I have been working with Archangel Michael for many years. While he can be very to the point and extremely powerful, he has an innate caring and gentle side to him. He is compassionate, loving and healing. He is also very thorough, and while you are under his focus, you are left with no doubt of his love and dedication to your healing and support.

While he may not mince his words, you will always know where you stand with him. He will call you out where it is necessary and can be very direct. I like this approach as you know what is going on very quickly, without any fluff or confusion of meaning.

It is important to remember this when working with Archangel Michael. Be honest and to the point. If you are unable to articulate the issue, then open your heart and allow it to communicate to him. This is often the best way of working with Archangel Michael as it brings results much faster. Also, in this state of heartfelt connection, you will experience his compassion, love, and dedication to your healing and support. He is loyal to a point and has your back.

When working with Archangel Michael try and be respectful and honest. You are working with an angel of immense authority. The emphasis is on 'working with' as you may be required to make changes in your life following working with Archangel Michael. It also means that you should be mindful of your intentions to work with him. If you just want his energy, this is energy vampirism. Always make sure you intend to work with him and not take from him.

One of Archangel Michael's gifts is healing. He is one of the most skilled and capable healing beings that work with humans. He takes a very inclusive approach to healing. He gets to the core of issues to bring about deep and profound healing. He will often take you into his energies and wrap you in them, like an etheric blanket of protective and healing blue energy. 

It is not uncommon to find that your psychic abilities and spiritual gifts start to come online following healing work with Archangel Michael.

Probably one of the most known abilities of Archangel Michael is protection. He is often the go-to angel for any energetic protection requirements. His energies are a strong high vibration resonance that makes it near impossible for lower vibration energies from entering. This means that his protection may be able to stop negative energies, entities, low vibration beings etc. from entering your space.

Archangel Michael aims to offer energetic and spiritual protection to you, animals, objects, homes, properties and even communities. He wraps whatever requires protection in his energies, which prevents non-serving energies from entering. This is probably one of the most well known and effective sources of spiritually protective energies available.

The energies of Archangel Michael aim to boost inner strength, self-confidence, and personal power. They aim to allow you to be aware of just how special you are and remove energies that may reduce your self-confidence. When you work with Archangel Michael, you remember just how powerful you are. That you are an immensely powerful spiritual being in your own right. 

Despite being an angel of few words or talking for the sake of talking, Archangel Michael is an incredibly supportive and guiding angel. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and knowing about human tendencies and knows you very well. When he provides guidance, he will be precise and will not get involved in the story of the situation. So it is essential to be still and to listen to the guidance. Let it settle in and only then start to question. If you question straight away, you may lose the guidance due to overthinking or being caught in the story of the situation (often me and them situations).

A word of caution is needed when seeking angelic guidance. Angels and Archangels take a wide view of any situation. They will look at all aspects and give you their guidance from a perspective that does not drill down into very detailed and specific answers. They tend to look at things from a broad spiritual view, which is perfect for guidance on spiritual growth but maybe limiting key details that may be required.

Archangel Michael Connection Maintenance Attunement

If you want to strengthen your energetic connections with Archangel Michael, you may want to consider the Archangel Michael Connection Maintenance Attunement. This attunement aims to strengthen your energetic connections with Archangel Michael for protection, healing and spiritual development.

If you want to connect with angelic connections in general, you may want to consider the Angelic Connections Maintenance Attunement. There are many other angelic attunements available that may be beneficial in supporting your energetic connections with the angelic realms.


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