What Are Dragons?

What Are Dragons?

Dragons are a group of interdimensional beings often associated with power, strength, protection, magic and manifestation. There are many different types of dragons from the dangerous to the very kind, loving and benevolent. Dragons, like faeries, live in different areas, depending on their type. You can get dragons who live in water, the ground, inter-dimensionally etc. Each type of dragon also tends to have specific qualities and energies.

As mentioned, not all dragons are kind and benevolent. You do need to exercise caution when working with unknown dragons or channelling dragon energies without awareness as some can shapeshift, and some may not have your interests at heart.

Despite this, dragons are some of the most incredible beings. The benevolent dragons have such a depth of kindness and compassion, although they do tend to be direct and to the point - something I like and appreciate. Their wisdom, knowledge and care can be quite something to witness and experience.

How To Safely Connect With Dragons

It can be challenging to work with dragons as not all dragons are kind and benevolent. This can make it tricky for beginners to navigate. The most important thing to consider when working with dragons is to set a very strong and clear intention that you will only connect with kind and benevolent dragons. This is essential, as dragons must obey free will and a clear intention enforces this.

Some attunements offer a safe and easy way to connect with the energies of dragons. I must stress that not all attunements are created equally, though, and it is essential not to assume the attunement is safe and works in alignment with your highest good. Always do your homework on the attunement founder and the attunement description. If there is any doubt, always listen to your intuition and avoid.

The Dynamic Dragon Connections Maintenance Attunement was created to provide safe connections with the energies of benevolent dragons of light. The attunement is very versatile and includes 35 built-in functions allowing for quick and easy use.

The Dragon Sekhem attunement is safe and only connects with energies of light with your full consent. It is a beautiful attunement to consider if you want to work with the healing energies of benevolent dragons and sekhem energies.

If you are looking for an attunement for energetic protection that combines the energies of dragons, you may want to consider the Dragons Of Pentagram Protection Maintenance Attunement.


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