What Are Attunement Lineages?

What Are Attunement Lineages?

Attunement lineages (including Reiki lineages) are energetic connections between the founder of the healing system and anyone attuned via an attunement. As time passes, and the attunement spreads and is passed onto others, so too does the lineage. It often fractures as systems are expanded upon, changed or rechannelled. The lineage is no longer a clean line of energy transference; it becomes a wide energetic web that connects all the attunees and the founder.

Why Have Attunement Lineages?

When energies are passed via an attunement from person to person, it creates a lineage. Historically lineages were used to see the purity of teaching. The lineage would show who attuned you and who attuned the person who attuned them and so on. Lineages were used to ensure the energies that you were attuned to were from the founder of the system.

The problem with lineages is that with time they become huge and connect many people. As the energies are passed on, they run the risk of weakening, changing and even become deliberately corrupted. It is always best to choose a lineage that is short and as close to the founder as possible. Better yet, try and avoid attunements that simply pass on energy. There are better techniques to use that allow the attunee to connect with the energies rather than relying on the attuner to give energies to them, which can be compromised with other energies.

Are Attunement Lineages Safe?

Lineages are only as safe as the energies and intentions of the founder, those within the lineage and the level of your personal power and vibration. This means that if someone in the lineage passed on the attunement with negative energies both without realising or deliberately, this might be passed on to the attunee, which is then transmitted to the next person. If you have high levels of personal power and vibration, you reduce the risk of transference of non-serving energies.

Probably more important is the energy structure that a lineage creates. The attunement lineage is an energetic connection between you, the founder and every person in the lineage (similar to an etheric cord). This can have some consequences if the founder or anyone in the lineage is not operating with pure intentions of light.

The lineage can be used for remote viewing of anyone in the lineage. Also, anyone in the lineage has the potential to connect with anyone else in the lineage and steal energy, corrupt energy or even control.

What Can You Do To Limit Energetic Consequences?

The most important thing to do is to be sure about the intentions of the founder of an attunement. Do your research and make sure they create, teach or sell attunements that are actually of the light. If they create, teach or sell attunements that are too good to be true, aim to control or use black magic (control someone or thing against their consent) then you probably should avoid.

You are a lightworker. Only work with light.

Sometimes it will be less obvious, and you may have a subtle sense that you are being watched or a specific attunement does not agree with you. You may start to feel anxious and start to even see or sense a founder or a teacher at times where it may not be appropriate. Be mindful of these feelings and also honour them, don't brush them under the carpet.

Even if you do a lot of energetic protection while receiving attunements and passing them on, it is essential to be aware of your intention as it could still be possible to be influenced by attunement lineages.

Most reputable practitioners work in an energetically protected space. This might be using intention, energies and creating sacred space. This is a strong intention to be protected. Is this enough to counter the possible adverse effects of an attunement lineage? This will depend on the second intention.

The second intention is the intention you use to accept or pass on an attunement. If you activate the energies from the founder and then pass the attunement, your intention may block the first intention of protection you created. This is because you intended to pass the attunement from the founder - this trumps the first intention.

It is far better to use intention when sending an attunement to be more specific about the energies you are passing. Perhaps state that the energies are to match what the system describes - this way, you are ensuring that you are not passing on anything other than the pure intention of what the attunement should do. And that if any energies are corrupted, they will be replaced with the perfect match of energies directly from light source.

Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance Attunement

The Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to help provide an easy to use energetic tool to clear your attunement lineages of non-serving energies, attachments and boost overall energetic protection.

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