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Attunements And The Importance Of Short Lineages

Attunements And The Importance Of Short Lineages

Attunements are excellent energetic tools that may accelerate your spiritual progress if used correctly. However, one aspect often overlooked with attunements is the role of attunement lineages. More importantly, the energetic protection consequences of having long lineages, where your lineage contains and connects you with many past practitioners. Therefore, you should always consider the importance of attunements and short lineages.

Attunements And the Importance of Short Lineages

Your attunement lineage connects you with the practitioners in your lineage, including the attunement founder. You potentially connect with everyone in the attunement lineage. It is, for this reason, vital that you always do your research on the attunement founder, especially the types of energy healing work they practice.

Short attunement lineages will reduce your energetic protection risks as you connect with fewer practitioners. This should not be overlooked as not all founders and practitioners are of the light and may use the lineage for tracking etc.

Where possible, always choose attunements with the shortest attunement lineages. The ideal attunement lineage should be you and the founder.

When selecting attunements, always try and purchase your attunement directly from the attunement founder if at all possible. This will ensure that your attunement lineage is as short as possible and shows gratitude for the work they put into creating the attunement.

If You Can't Avoid Long Attunement Lineages

Some attunements are over a hundred years old and have long attunement lineages, and it may not be possible to accept the attunement from the attunement founder. In cases like this, you may want to ensure you still only accept attunements that you have verified to be acceptable to you and, as mentioned above.

Hold a clear intention when accepting your attunement for protection, and do not inadvertently set an intention to connect with the lineage's founder. However, this may not always work if you know there is a problem with the attunement or the attunement founder. You can't do something you know is not suitable for you and expect to have no consequences.

If you still want to accept the attunement, you may want to consider the Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance Attunement. I created this attunement with the aim of ensuring that there are no energetic protection consequences due to long attunement lineages.

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