What Is Negative Intention?

What Is Negative Intention?

Energy healing is all about intention. Your intention is what activates and directs energies. Your intention also helps shape your experiences, even before they happen. Your intention is vital for all energy healing. However, to fully understand what intention is, it can be helpful to understand what negative intention is.

What Is Negative Intention?

Negative intentions are incomplete intentions (not meeting the essential parts of what intention is) or are not in alignment with your highest self. Negative intentions aim to bring about a reality or creation that is not in your best interests or in line with your consent or what is best for you. Negative intentions can be broken down into three types:

1. Negative intentions you create for yourself

Negative intentions you create are intentions that you actively create that are not supportive, binding or in your highest alignment. Negative intentions can be very subtle, but still may pack a punch and have an impact on the direction your life takes or your well-being.

As an example, you may naturally be a talented lawyer, but you may not feel confident in your skills, so set an intention to be something else. Something that is not in your highest alignment. This negative intention is based on fear and may cause you to go down a different path that is not fulfilling or in your highest alignment.

2. Negative intentions you create for others

When you think you know what is best for someone else, you may inadvertently create a negative intention for that person. This will be against their highest self and cause energetic consequences.

As an example, you may think your daughter should marry her boyfriend. You set a strong intention for this; however, this person is not the best match. This then creates energetic consequences for yourself, your daughter and the boyfriend. Your need for the best for your daughter created a negative intention.

3. Negative intentions created by others

In much the same way, intentions created by others for you may not be in alignment with your highest self and cause negative consequences. Often these negative intentions are created from a good place, but they impose beliefs, views and outcomes that are not in your highest alignment. This can cause serious energetic consequences and take you off your life path.

As an example, a prevalent negative intention is when someone prays for you when you do not want or request it. The person praying will feel it is the right thing to do, but it is not what you want or in your highest alignment. This violates your free will and consent. The energetic consequences may cause you to feel stuck in life, be off your life path, cause energetic blockages, confusion and a low sense of well-being.

It is essential not to assume you know best for someone. You do not. Always ask for consent before you do any energy work, prayer or set intentions for assistance. Even if the person you want to help appears to need help, sometimes trying to help everyone causes more harm than it helps.

Negative Intentions Removal Maintenance Attunement

Some times it can be helpful to remove the non-serving energies that are created by negative intentions. The Negative Intentions Removal Maintenance Attunement aims to provide energetic tools to help clear the energies associated with negative intentions.

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