What Is A Starseed Lineage?

What Is A Starseed Lineage?

Your starseed lineage is the spiritual connection between you and all your past starseed existences. They can also be seen as your starseed ancestral ties.

It is often assumed that if you are a starseed you must belong or resonate with one star race. This is usually the last star race you were born into, but, you are an infinite energy being who would have in the vast majority of cases had many, many star race experiences. You would have experienced multiple different types of star races from the very well known to the less know etheric races. Also, it is very likely that you would have also experienced angelic experiences and had multiple earth experiences. Your lineage will be unique and will cover numerous star races and other forms of existence.

Working with your starseed lineage may allow you to gain knowledge of past experiences, learnings and discoveries. You may also be able to get a stronger sense of interconnection with the universe as you are part of a vast and extensive web of existence.

There are several ways that you can access your starseed lineages information and connections such as through meditation, intention or attunements. Intention is a straightforward way of doing so. While in a calm and relaxed state, set your intention to connect with your starseed lineage. Don’t force any information to come through; rather allow the lineage to speak to you over a few minutes. This will take practice; however, the more familiar you get with your starseed lineage, the more you will gain.

When working with your starseed lineage, it is essential not to put yourself below any other star race. You are an immensely powerful energy being who is one with all, and that includes all star races. As an example, you may not be an etheric star being in this lifetime, but that does not mean you are less or not as advanced. You have a different experience in this lifetime. If you feel inferior or give your power away to other star races, you run the risk of getting into spiritual trouble as not all star races are of the light. So please always ensure your personal power is high and that you never feel inferior or give your power away.

Starseed Lineage Maintenance Attunement

If you want to maintain a clear starseed lineage free of attachments and strengthen energetic protection using an attunement, then you may want to consider the Starseed Lineage Maintenance Attunement.

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