What Is A Psychic Attack?

July 22, 2016 2 min read

What Is A Psychic Attack?

I am often asked by clients what a psychic attack is? The term psychic attack conjures up strong ideas of being attacked in hidden realms. Realms where you are either unaware or are unable to stop them. In many ways, the term psychic attack is disempowering. It makes you a victim if not fully understood.

What Is A Psychic Attack?

If you break down the term psychic attack, you see it is made up of two words.

The word psychic means energetic information that is outside of your normal senses. It is the accessing and participation in this realm of energetic information that we are all part of, even if we are unable to perceive it fully. 

Attack is an action word that means to take aggressive action against or oppose fiercely. It doesn’t imply a need for logic or understanding to be carried out. It is all about action. Energetically, the action is associated with intention. In the blog post What Is Intention, I spoke about the four parts of what intention requires, with the action being one of the elements. With this in mind, your intention is the starting point of a psychic attack. It is the finger that pulls the trigger.

A psychic attack is a negative intention that results in aggressive action or fierce opposition being taken against someone or thing in the energetic realm.

The problem with a psychic attack is that it doesn’t necessarily require awareness of the specific intention for a psychic attack to occur. It just requires intention.

All too often we are not aware of what we create in our lives through intention, least of all the energetic damage lack of awareness can cause. It is partly because of this that many cultures and spiritual teachings emphasise the need for better awareness of thought and mind.

When you live your life in full awareness of your thoughts, emotions and intention, you significantly reduce the possibility of psychically attacking without knowing. I have personally found that the practice of mindfulness is particularly good at preventing or limiting psychic attack that you may not be fully aware you may be doing.

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