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What Is A Psychic Attack And How To Protect Yourself

What Is A Psychic Attack And How To Protect Yourself

Psychic attacks, when negative intention and energy is sent to you, often instil a sense of fear or loss of control.

It is often assumed that great harm is caused and can’t be stopped. Or, and quite commonly, you are a victim of a ‘terrible person’ and their negative energy.

Whatever the situation, understanding what a psychic attack is and how to protect yourself are essential aspects of energy healing.

What Is A Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack is a negative intention that results in aggressive, energetic action or fierce, energetic opposition against someone in the energetic realm.

To understand what a psychic attack is, sometimes called spiritual attacks, it is essential to understand what psychic and attack mean in this context.

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What Does Psychic Mean?

The term psychic means to receive and perceive energetic information. The energetic information is usually received through the energetic field and energetic structures, such as the third eye (but not limited to), that process the energetic information, resulting in perceiving psychic information. This process is natural, and you do not need enhanced psychic abilities.

The energetic information is usually gained from energies around you in your environment but can also be any energy that holds energetic information. This may be in different realms and dimensions. The energetic information is not limited.

Sometimes you may perceive these energies as bad vibes or a drop in your energy level. It should be noted that this is also the process by which you receive spiritual guidance and is intricately linked to your higher self. It is not all about bad energy.

The psychic process is very straightforward. You are an energy being who gives off energies and receives energies. You do this every second of the day. It is for this reason that everyone is psychic.

However, some recognise these psychic messages more quickly than others. There are many reasons for this, including the vibration of your energies, energetic psychic structures, etc. More often than not, much practice is required to develop your psychic development skills.

The way you perceive psychic information will be unique to you. You may use many ways, such as utilising your clair senses, focusing on spiritual chakras (often the third eye or solar gateway chakras) etc.

What Does Attack Mean?

The word attack in the term psychic attack is an action word that means to take aggressive action against or oppose fiercely. Such attacks do not imply a need for logic or understanding. It is all about action.

Energetically, the action is associated with intention. Therefore, to fully understand a psychic attack, you must understand what intention is. Intention has four parts, with action being one of the fundamental elements.

With this in mind, your intention is the starting point of a psychic attack. It is the finger that pulls the trigger.

When an attack is sent, the negative energy enters your energy field or auric field. The auric layers are designed to take in and perceive external energies. It allows you to interact with the energetic world around you.

It is through the aura that you will perceive a psychic attack. In most cases, the aura will protect you from harmful energetic issues and maintain your positive energy.

However, the aura is dynamic, meaning it changes depending on the energies in and around you; this means that you will not always have total protection.

Are You Psychically Attacking?

The problem with a psychic attack is that it doesn’t necessarily require awareness of the specific intention for an attack to occur. It just requires intention. Most energetic attacks are not a conscious attack.

It is common to react by psychically attacking the source when under energetic attack. This may be intentional or unintentional; however, the result is the same. You disempower yourself, open yourself up to more attacks and may enter victimhood.

In these psychic attack scenarios, victimisation may be subtle but usually manifests as feeling like the other person is wrong; you have done everything and can’t escape the energetic attacks.

As mentioned above, the term psychic implies a two-way flow of energy. When you look at the energy flows, most situations involve the ‘victim’ psychically attacking the so-called psychic attacker.

You can’t stop spiritual attacks by psychically attacking someone or having negative thoughts of others. It is like an arms race that only intensifies, resulting in more attacks and more potential energetic damage.

All too often, we are unaware of what we create in our lives through intention, least of all the energetic damage a lack of awareness can cause. Because of this, many cultures and spiritual teachings emphasise the need for better awareness of thought and mind.

When you live fully aware of your thoughts, emotions and intention, you significantly reduce the possibility of psychically attacking without knowing.

I have personally found that the practice of mindfulness is particularly good at preventing or limiting attacks that you may not be fully aware you may be doing.

Not All Psychic Attacks Are Psychic Attacks

Some psychic attacks are not psychic attacks. The way attacks are perceived may also be physical, emotional, and mental illness symptoms.

Therefore, it is essential to consult a medical professional if you think you may be unwell or if your symptoms do not improve or increase, worsen and prevent you from living your everyday life. Always consult a medical professional before considering energy healing. Energy healing does not replace medical care.

Energetically, some energetic imprints and implants may give sensations of psychic attack. With this in mind, it is always good practice to optimally maintain your energy bodies and energies.

The higher your overall vibration, you may ensure your energies are clear of negative energies and maintain structural integrity.

Psychic Attack Protection

There are many ways to bring about psychic attack energetic protection and stop energetic attacks. Most require that you focus on your energies, intentions, actions and perceptions.

You are protected when you know you are an immensely powerful energy being. This is probably the essential aspect of psychic attack protection. Here are some additional ways to protect yourself.

Stop Psychic Attacking

If you are psychically attacking someone, stop. De-escalate the psychic attack arms race! This is the first place to start and most important.

If you feel you have been wronged or are a victim and must psychically attack back, you should look at forgiveness, why you can’t let go etc. You also want to do this to reduce any issues with the universal law of karma.

This will not be easy; however, if you want resolution, this is essential. Spiritual development can only be achieved through learning and gaining discoveries about yourself.

Don’t make excuses; face these challenges head-on. Spiritual growth and reducing attacks may take time and a lot of effort, but the results are worth it.

Review Your Spiritual Practices

Reviewing your energetic and spiritual practices is always a good thing. If you are working with dark, corrupted, infiltrated energies, you will be increasing your chances of psychic attack.

Energy healers should review their energy healing practices regularly and only work with other energy healers if that aligns with you.

If something feels off, don’t work with them, accept their attunements etc. I see this very often when working with experienced energy healers. They usually have received attunements from attunement founders who practice dark magic, manipulate etc. There are energetic consequences to seeking power to have power over others.

Make sure you don’t follow spiritual practices that psychically attack, dominate, control, disempower etc. When you think your practices are correct and others are wrong, expressing this intention may be a spiritual attack.

Ego-based views result in energetic attacks and should be kept in check. Everyone is allowed their opinions, beliefs and practices - as long as they are not causing harm and are legal.

An unfortunate aspect of the energy healing circles is the number of psychic attacks from other energy healers. So keep your intentions clear, of the light and free of uncontrolled ego.

Avoid as much as possible them and me mentally. This type of thinking creates a powerful intention of separation and being under attack. Therefore, it is essential to avoid inadvertently creating a powerful intention to be psychically attacked when you want to prevent this.

Don’t Trust A Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are not often thought of as sources of energetic attack; however, it is essential to ensure your spirit guides are spirit guides and not spirit dictators.

Never give your power away to another energy being. Giving your power away disempowers you and is a psychic attack in its own right.

Energy Healing

Once you have spent the appropriate amount of time working on yourself, there are no shortcuts to this; you should then look at energy practices that may help further reduce psychic attacks if still required at this point.

In their own right, the above approaches may reduce spiritual attacks, and additional energy healing practices may not be necessary.

Work on ensuring your energies are of the highest vibration possible - the higher your energetic vibration, the lower the chances of having adverse effects of a spiritual attack. Following the five essential qualities of an energy healer is essential.

Although you may not be able to stop someone psychically attacking you and will probably be aware when they are attempting to attack you psychically, you will be able to reduce the actual consequences of the psychic attack.

In addition, the higher your energetic vibration, the stronger your energy bodies and structures tend to be, averting energetic structural damage. As a result, consider giving yourself regular energy healing or Reiki sessions.

While under attack and working on the above points, you may choose energetic shielding. Of course, excessive energetic shielding is not without consequences; however, it may still be beneficial when practised appropriately.

If you are working with energetic shielding, look for techniques that only block non-serving energies. Never block all energies as this may impact your overall energetic vitality and reduce psychic awareness - ironically increasing your potential for more spiritual attacks.

There are excellent attunements that specifically assist with energetic attack protection. I highly recommend the Psychic Attack Protection Maintenance Attunement. This attunement aims to take a more advanced spiritual approach to psychic attack protection and spiritual maturity.


If you stand in your power, maintain optimally high vibration energies and don’t psychically attack others, you will typically not need additional energetic attack protection.

There is a lot of power in knowing you are strong and protected. This clear intention should be your primary psychic attack defence.

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