What Does Grounding Mean?

What Does Grounding Mean?

I am sure you have heard similar statements: ‘She is so grounded and always seems so down to earth.’.

This typically implies that you are centred, perhaps mindful. But what does grounding mean in an energetic sense?

What Does Grounding Mean?

To answer this, you must remember that you are an energy being.

Within and outside your physical body, you have energy bodies (chakras, aura, meridians etc.), each with different functions and uses.

They work together to keep you energetically vital. When your energy bodies work optimally, you may feel energised, vital, and your sense of well-being increases.

Your energy bodies help you make sense of your inner and outer worlds energetically.

You constantly filter energy, which allows you to connect with and perceive the energetic world around you. You may perceive this as intuition.

Also, it is possible (more frequently than perhaps you may be aware) you use the energies around you to move your awareness and connect with higher consciousness.

For example, this can happen when you meditate, dream or astral travel.

As you can see, there is a lot of energetic movement going on in and around you all the time.

To keep your energies and energy bodies in balance, you must be energetically grounded.

This means that your energies must be in balance within you and with your environment for you to function optimally.

The process of keeping your internal energies balanced with your physical environment is known as grounding.

Why Is Energetic Grounding So Important?

In your daily life, there are many ways you can become ungrounded (energetically unbalanced).

Humans are designed to be grounded (connected) with the environment and the earth.

You have chakras in your feet, body and even below your body that help you maintain your connection with the earth (be grounded).

This connection brings earth energies up into you, which keeps you energetically balanced.

When the energetic connection with the earth is lost or reduced, your energy bodies become unbalanced. This can happen if you do a lot of spiritual work, overthink or are excessively emotional.

Any loss of energetic balance within you has the potential of causing you to become ungrounded. This may lead to emotional, mental and spiritual energetic unbalance.

Your overall health, vitality, and well-being need to remain grounded to ensure you are energetically balanced.

Grounding Attunements

Grounding attunements may be beneficial in assisting you with being more grounded.

I highly recommend the Grounding Maintenance Attunement, which specifically aims to keep your energies more grounded and is a wonderful addition to your daily energy healing practices.

You may also be interested in the Top Grounding Attunements blog post.

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