Why Being Addicted To Drama Is Bad For Your Wellbeing

Why Being Addicted To Drama Is Bad For Your Wellbeing

We all love a good story: dramatic characters and fantastic locations and situations. Narratives that may enthral you and keep you hooked for the next big shock, event or twist.

The emotional pull can be enticing, leaving you literally on the edge of your seat, wondering and demanding to know what explosive revelation will be revealed next and by whom. All characters have the means; it is just down to the director to reveal who.

Why Being Addicted To Drama Is Bad For Your Wellbeing

Unfortunately, this type of story happens all too often in our daily lives. We have become addicted to drama. Our direction skills have been honed and are nothing short of Oscar-worthy nominations. Our egos create drama and stories. They distract you from yourself, your situations and your life. They bring in non-supportive energies that start to take on a life of their own. Suddenly people are against you for no or incorrect reasons.

You release any responsibility for your actions and project this onto others' lives or things in general. You are never to blame as it is always someone else. The truth becomes so blurred that you no longer live in a world with no bearing on the facts. It adds layers to events and situations that create energetic realities that start to have consequences. You lose your ability to speak your truth and run the risk of entering spiritual stagnation. Spiritual stagnation is when you cannot learn or grow, and the universe steps in and forces change, often through sudden and challenging situations.

When you indulge in your dramas, you also have the potential of taking energy from others. This is a significant issue as it is through the drama that energy vampires drain others of their vitality. We all know what it feels like to be around someone fond of drama. You may feel drained, grumpy and even down. You may take someone's vitality and energy, which in itself can have consequences on your ability to move forward.

The addiction to drama has the potential of having a significant impact on your wellbeing, vitality and spiritual growth. Avoid drama at all costs. I think it should be a priority of all of us on a path of self-development, growth, and discovery. Guard your vitality and wellbeing, and always be aware of where your energy is going.

The High Vibration Maintenance Attunement is a good attunement to consider, as when your energies are high vibration, you may reduce the tendency towards drama.

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