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Top Grounding Attunements

Top Grounding Attunements

Being well grounded is an essential part of energy healing and may impact how you energetically interact with the world around you.

Grounding is the process of maintaining an energetic balance between your internal energies and the energies of your environment.

Being ungrounded may result in energetic symptoms such as always wanting to be in a bliss state, avoiding spiritual discoveries, and feeling energetically unbalanced.

Attunements are energetic tools that may be beneficial in ensuring you are well-grounded.

Top Grounding Attunements

Attunements that aim to help you be more energetically grounded are great tools to have in your spiritual toolbox.

The following grounding focused attunements are some of the top attunements to consider. Some attunements are very specific for energetic grounding, while some have the result of ensuring you are well-grounded.

Grounding Maintenance Attunement

The Grounding Maintenance Attunement aims to ensure you are energetically well-grounded. This must-have attunement has all the potential benefits of a maintenance attunement which aims to ensure your energies are well balanced and maintained to ensure energetic grounding.

The Grounding Maintenance Attunement is the number one recommendation for keeping your energies well-grounded, which you can use whenever needed.

Feet Chakras Activation Maintenance Attunement

The Feet Chakras Activation Maintenance Attunement aims to maintain healthy and well functioning feet chakras.

The chakras in the feet are an essential aspect of helping you feel more connected with the world around you and feel more grounded.

This attunement is a wonderful consideration if you want to feel more grounded and enhance your mother earth connection.

Base Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement

The Base Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement aims to maintain a healthy, well functioning and balanced base chakras (root chakra).

When your base chakra is well maintained, you may find that you let go of fear-based energies, feel more energetically supported and balanced within. You may also find that you are more grounded.

The base chakra is an important chakra associated with grounding.

Earth Star Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement

Another important chakra that is associated with grounding is the earth star chakra. The Earth Star Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement aims to maintain an energetically healthy and balanced earth star chakra.

This chakra not only aims to help you feel more grounded, but it is also associated with boosting energetic vitality, well-being, feeling energetically centred and enhancing spiritual development.

Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement

The Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement aims to provide wonderfully healing and supportive energy about unity, expression, love and enlightenment. It is also very much connected with the energies of mother earth.

These energies are very balancing and grounding by nature and work across all your spiritual bodies. I highly recommend these grounding energies if you also want to feel more connected with the world around you, strengthen a sense of equality and love with all.

Niemakaiha Earth Star Chakra Activation

The Niemakaiha Earth Star Chakra Activation attunement is a powerful energy that aims to activate your earth star chakra and combine it with the spiritual accelerant energies of Niemakaiha.

This combination aims to provide a strong grounding while still working at the very highest spiritual levels of enlightenment and evolution.

I highly recommend this attunement if you want to ensure you are grounded and want to take your spiritual advancement to the next level.

Starseed Lineage Maintenance Attunement

The Starseed Lineage Maintenance Attunement is an attunement that you should consider if you are or associate with being a starseed. Sometimes starseeds may feel ungrounded. This attunement not only aims to clear and heal starseed lineages but also may assist you to feel more grounded.

I hope you enjoy these top grounding attunement suggestions. There are other grounding attunements that may assist gain energetic grounding, which you may want to consider.

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