What Is Blissful Light Energy?

What Is Blissful Light Energy?

Blissful Light energy personifies what Blissful Light is all about. Blissful Light energy is high vibration, harmonious, kind, loving, supportive, and nurturing, focusing on personal restoration, clearing, balance, and sustained spiritual development.

You are a unique being with unique perceptions and the ability to discover unique spiritual discoveries. There is no one like you now, in the past or the future; Blissful Light energy © honours your uniqueness. It celebrates you for being you. It aims to nurture, support and encourage you to keep moving forward, always discovering. Through your unique discoveries, you may find moments of enlightenment and start the process of accelerated spiritual development, maturity, and evolution.

Blissful Light energy is benevolent light energy that, at its very core, is safe. The energies raise your vibration before activating, which adds another layer of energetic safety, giving you a safe space to heal, develop and grow. The energies can transmute lower vibration energies, ensuring that you will always access Blissful Light energy no matter where you activate the energies.

Blissful Light energy is nurturing and supportive, and as such, it does not overwhelm you both energetically and in the discoveries, you may gain. You will only ever work with discoveries and spiritual gifts that you are ready to work with or assimilate. You are always in full control of any situation or energy activation.

Blissful Light energy integrates the five core qualities of energy healing; equality, empathy, change, discovery and accountability. The energies are inclusive, non-judgmental and harmonious. They aim to restore unity and remind you that you are one with all.

As Blissful Light energy is harmonious, it makes these energies an ideal addition to space clearing practices. The energies aim to raise any location's vibration and bring in kind, loving and harmonious energies.

The energies make an excellent addition to any energy healing practices, especially chakra clearing, and are a great way to end any energy healing treatments you may give yourself or others.

If you would like to work with Blissful Light energy attunements, you may want to consider Blissful Light Reiki, which aims to provide and excellent all-round energy healing modality.

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