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How To Attune An Object

How To Attune An Object

Learning how to attune an object to Reiki, or any other type of energy is a skill that is not only very easy to learn but has many uses.

The only thing that limits what is possible to attune an object is your imagination. You can attune any object to energy healing energies.

Not only this, but you can also ‘programme’ the energies to work in a certain way, last for any length of time etc. Due to this, it is a creative way to work with energies.

Why Attune An Object?

Creativity in energy healing is a wonderful way to learn, gain enlightenment and strengthen your skills and practice.

Creativity is a powerful energy that is beneficial in any type of manifestation work, including healing.

Attuning objects to energy is a creative practice as the energies, objects, combinations of energy etc. are limitless.

You can create attuned objects that radiate certain energy for different reasons; you can program how long for, you can combine energies etc.

When an object has been attuned to energy, the energies will radiate from the object depending on how you programmed it.

This means that the object will act as a programmed source of energy, that will transmit the energies into its location.

This may be beneficial if you are working on energetic protection, wanting to raise the vibration of the object or location etc.

This continuous flow (depending on how you program the energies) is a time saver as you do not need to channel the energies personally, the object is now a tool to do so.

How To Attune An Object

As mentioned, the process of attuning an object is straightforward and does not require anything more than your intention (to attune the object and programme the energies).

1. Decide what you want the attuned object to achieve. Consider what energies you require to accomplish this and also how you want the energies to function.

Consider if the energies flow for a set amount of time etc.

2. Place the object in your hands. If you can’t hold the object, place your focus on the object.

3. Set your intention to attune the object according to the energies you want the object attuned to and also any programming. Hold this focus for a few minutes.

4. Activate the energies you want to attune the object and then attune the object with a simple intention statement. Something like the following will work just fine:

I now attune this object [state the energies if you want specific energies] to [state what you want to achieve]. The energies are to [State any program you want to add].'

As an example:

‘I now attune this object to the Angelic Connections Maintenance Attunement energies for angelic protection. The energies are to flow whenever I am completing any energy work.'

Your intention is more important than the statements provided. Think about what you want to focus on or achieve and feel it with emotion, and the energies will activate in alignment with your intention.

Please use any language you feel most comfortable in using. You can say the intention statements either out loud or in your head.

This is all you need to do to attune an object, and I encourage you to be as creative as you wish.

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