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Energy Healing And Language

Energy Healing And Language

One of the things I love about running Blissful Light is the ability to interact with people from across the world. Energy healing is truly a global community. I find it fascinating to see how culture has an influence on how you perceive energies, which seems to reinforce your uniqueness. Part of this uniqueness and variance is due to the language you speak, more specifically, your primary language or mother tongue. In part, this is due to language structure and the available vocabulary. This brings up an interesting question, does the language you use in energy healing (intention statements), matter or have an impact on your intention when working with energy?

Energy Healing And Language

Words can be important as they direct energy through your intention statement. However, words are not the driving force behind how you interact, activate or accept energies; your intention is what counts. You do not need to use words if you do not want to. The language you use in the intention statements, or the internal dialogue that shapes your intention, is not important. Your intention is key. As long as you are clear with your intention, no matter what language you use will direct the energies.

With this in mind, you can use any language you are comfortable with when working with energies. Keep your intention clear and focused, and the energies will follow.

I have worked with multilingual clients who like to use different languages for different types of energies. How great is that! I mention this as I encourage you to be flexible and creative in your approach to energy healing. As long as your intention is specific, the energy will always follow no matter what language you choose to use.


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