Distant Attunements

Should you reattune if you have not used an attunement?

Should you reattune if you have not used an attunement?

An attunement is a process that aims to provide energetic support tools. They are the first step you undertake to access the energies of the attunement. The emphasis is very much on the accessing and working with the energies following accepting your attunement. However, there may be times where you accept your attunement and do not access or work with the energies. You may find that the energies don't flow as much with time following the attunement if this is the case. In situations like this, should you reattune if you have not used the energies of an attunement to gain a better connection?

Should you reattune if you have not used an attunement?

As mentioned above, an attunement is just the first step, and you do not need to repeat this step. An attunement is permanent, meaning there is no energetic need to reattune. The best way to build up the connection again is to activate the energies, no matter how long ago you accepted the attunement. The advantages of doing this are the potential saving in money, time and most importantly, any possible loss in spiritual discoveries. I would always recommend this approach as building up the connection gained through activation of the energies is often a wonderful learning experience. This is ultimately what energy healing is all about, your ability to discover, learn and grow.

Use this opportunity to discover by asking questions such as why did you not initially use the energies? Was it the wrong time to accept the attunement? If so, why? Did you like the energies, teaching or any other aspect of the energies? If not, then why? If there was something about the attunement you did not like, then it may be worth asking why you wanted the attunement in the first place. These types of direct questions are great ways to uncover hidden aspects of energy healing and better understand yourself. There is no wrong choice or decision if you learn from the experience. Sometimes the learning experience is more advantageous than even the potential aim of the attunement.

You can, of course, decide to reattune yourself; however, I would only do this as a very last resort for the benefits and reasons I mentioned above. The attunements I prepare for clients can be reaccepted multiple times, but most other attunement providers do not allow for this.


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