What Is Telepathy?

What Is Telepathy?

Telepathy is a term that is often misunderstood or confused with other spiritual gifts or psychic occurrences. It is a term that you will see often in the energy healing community. What is telepathy?

What Is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the psychic or energetic occurrence of perceiving and transmitting energetic information between the minds of two beings.

Perceived energetic telepathic information may be as thoughts, ideas, emotions, sensations, mental images etc. Thought is not the only way to perceive telepathic communications. Telepathy involves the exchange of an extremely complex tapestry of energetic information. You will perceive this information in many different ways, often simultaneously, in the mind. The mind is the primary location of understanding the information; however, it involves many other ways of receiving and perceiving energy.

This is a very exciting thought, as it means that everyone has telepathic abilities. Of course, some are naturally more inclined towards telepathy, but all have the potential. In many ways, the idea that telepathy is only thought based is limiting. This may be the reason why so many people do not realise or develop their naturally occurring telepathic abilities.

Some chakras may play a part in telepathic abilities. Primarily located in the head, these chakras will be important in the transference of energetic information between two beings. However, not all the chakras will be found in the head. They may be located elsewhere where you require an activation to transfer energetic information such as the heart chakra. In addition to chakras, you also have spiritual DNA held in your etheric blueprint that concerns your telepathic abilities. 

An essential aspect of developing your telepathic abilities is the strengthening of your confidence and increasing your trust in the telepathic messages you receive. Without trust, it is challenging to strengthen your telepathic abilities. Trust is probably the biggest stumbling block to telepathic skills. The truth is trust takes time to build. There is no shortcut to the practice that trust requires. 

A useful way to try and build trust is to be relaxed as this allows you to be more likely to receive accurate messages. In part, this is done by aiming to allow more awareness of the times you naturally receive telepathic messages. 

An aspect of telepathy not discussed often is the ability to control the telepathic messages you receive. You are an immensely powerful energetic being. You hold all the control over what telepathic information you receive. You are in no way a victim to telepathy. As such, with your intention, you can control what you receive, when and how frequent. If you do not want to receive telepathic messages from someone, or at all, you can stop this through your intention.

It is essential to ensure all your telepathic communications are ethical, respectful and done with integrity. You must never bombard someone with telepathic communications. This is a psychic attack and has energetic consequences. Never bully or use telepathy to try and exert control over some. Everyone deserves privacy, and this includes telepathic communications.

If you are looking for an attunement to assist you in developing your telepathic abilities, then you should consider the Telepathy Activation Maintenance Attunement. The Telepathy Activation Maintenance Attunement uses this definition of telepathy and aims to support the development of your telepathic abilities. You may be interested in other telepathy attunements.

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