Who Is Quan Yin?

Who Is Quan Yin?

Quan Yin, also known as Kwan Yin, appears in many different cultures and religious and spiritual beliefs.

She is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She is a bodhisattva. She is an Ascended Master. She is a deity.

Quan Yin represents the qualities of compassion, love and kindness. She cares for, heals and consoles anyone who calls upon her. However, her attributes go far beyond just compassion; she is also connected with peace, spiritual learning and awakening.

Regardless of your beliefs about Quan Yin, her energies are a pure joy to work with and share with humanity.

Quan Yin will often appear in healing treatments when a palpable shift in energies may be felt like the warm outflowing of love and compassion washing over you. It becomes easier to let go of pain and past hurts.

Forgiveness and understanding that all things come to pass become much easier to realise. Changes that may be necessary to make in your life to heal seem to happen with more ease and grace.

The first time I encountered Quan Yin was quite a surprise. I was preparing for my Reiki Master attunement by giving my partner a Reiki treatment.

The treatment progressed well and about halfway through the session, we both became aware of something moving around us. What was strange was that we both saw it at the same time.

The object came in and circled us a few times. While circling us, there was a palpable shift in energy. There was a sense of love, compassion and joy. The object circling us looked like someone on a surfboard.

The closer it came, we quickly saw that it was a being in woman form on a lotus flower or lily pad. It was Quan Yin, and it was a joy that both my partner and I saw it and had the opportunity to share the moment.

This was quite a profound moment, and one that I have since learned happens reasonably often. What I learned from this experience is that it is essential to remain open to the flow of energy.

Don't let rigid energy healing structures limit you. Allow spiritual opportunities to occur without feeling like it is wrong or not real.

Quan Yin is such a joy to work with and is not at all interested in perfection. She wants to honour and empower your uniqueness.

If you are looking for attunements that aim to assist you in strengthening your connection with Quan Yin, you may want to consider the Quan Yin Connection Maintenance Attunement. This attunements is a wonderful addition to any energy healing work you may practice.

If you are looking for a more advanced or higher vibration attunement you may want to consider the Quan Yin 999 attunement. This attunement aims to combine the energies of Quan Yin with that of the high vibration frequencies of 999.

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