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Are All Distant Attunements High Vibration?

Are All Distant Attunements High Vibration?

An interesting question that I am asked from time to time is, are all distant attunements high vibration? I think this question stems from the idea that distant attunements pass over distance, often great distances, and therefore should be high vibration to achieve this. It's an interesting thought.

Are All Distant Attunements High Vibration?

Distant attunements can be sent over great distances and also the past present and future. Distant attunements are incredibly versatile in how they are sent and accepted. However, this does not necessarily mean the energies of all distant attunements are high vibration. 

A distant attunement refers to the method of attuning someone. It does not imply that this only includes energies that are high vibration. All energies and attunements can be passed as a distant attunement. This means that all energetic vibrations can be passed as a distant attunement, including lower vibration energies.

This is an essential aspect of distant attunement. Just because you receive a distant attunement does not mean the energies are high vibration or safe. Distant attunements are a method; they do not impact the energies of the attunement.

It is an unfortunate part of the energy healing community that not all attunements are positive, high vibration and safe. Some do not hide the fact that they cause harm, as it is their primary aim. It is essential to pay attention to the attunements you wish to accept, never blindly assume they are safe. Always do your research and never accept an attunement that causes harm, doesn't feel right (intuitively) or is created by an attunement founder who works with dark magic. 

There are distant attunement that focuses explicitly on raising your vibration if this is your focus. These attunements work to raise your vibration with different intentions either for spiritual reasons, protection etc. The following recommended attunements aim to raise your vibration safely:

There are many reasons why you may want to raise your vibration and is often an essential part of spiritual development and growth. I wish you many discoveries as you work to raise your vibration and move forward on your spiritual path.


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