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How To Give An In-Person Attunement

How To Give An In-Person Attunement

Although my focus at Blissful Light is distant attunements, there will be times when you want to attune someone in-person. The method below is straightforward, yet can be adapted in any way that best suits your style of working with attunements and energy healing.

How To Give An In-Person Attunement

As with passing distant attunements, there are many different ways to give an in-person attunement. I want to stress that there is no correct way or the only way of doing in-person attunements - all forms of providing an in-person attunement work. The way you improve the quality of the attunements you pass is to find the method that suits you best. Due to this, I encourage you to always experiment with the process until you find one that works for you. Then use this method as a starting point in all in-person attunements you give, with the understanding that every in-person attunement is unique. It would be best if you were flexible to be able to adjust the method you use to suit the person you are attuning or the situation. This can make giving in-person attunements very exciting as no one attunement is ever the same.

With this in mind, I like to approach all energy healing simply, without much fanfare or procedure. This is the approach that works best for me, and it works well for clients. The core of all attunements, both in-person or via distance, is your intention to attune someone. This is key. If your intention is clear and specific, you will attune the other person. You do not require anything further unless you wish to add additional aspects to the process, which is fine to do.

The process is as follows. Use your intention to activate the energies of the attunement you want to pass on to someone. Then place your hands just over the shoulders or Crown Chakra and focus on the person you are attuning. Once comfortable, repeat the following either internally or out loud:

‘I ask that [NAME OF PERSON] be able to connect with the energies of the [NAME OF ATTUNEMENT].’

Hold the position for about 5-10 mins. This intention statement is specific and does not limit what is possible or controls what is and not included in the attunement. It allows the client to receive the attunement in all its glory (you have stepped aside). It allows for symbols to be included, energetic structures etc. to be passed as this is included in the intention. However, you can add specific energy structures and symbols also if that works best for you following this intention statement. You can do this using your intention.

This method is straightforward and will work for all attunements. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a way that works best for you and have fun exploring.


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