Energy Healing And Transitions

Energy Healing And Transitions

You will come across the term transition when learning about energy healing. At first thought, the term seems quite simple and self explanatory. However, as with all energy healing terms, there are many levels, nuances and aspects to consider in order to gain the most out of it. What does transition mean in energy healing?

Energy Healing And Transitions

Transitions are when you move from one state to the next. This may be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Transitions, if worked with, may bring profound insights, discoveries and enlightenment.

You may find that you reach a state that is in line with who you are, feel more abundant and release the baggage of the past. It is all about realising a new and more benefical state.

Transitions are not always smooth. Transitions are often demanding, challenging and require a lot of commitment, work and energy. This is because transitions usually require that you are at a stage where you are ready for change. This is often the most challenging part of a transition.

More often than not, you may feel ready, but are reluctant to take that first step and stand up for the challenge. It may be scary to do so and possibly have wider repercussions in your life.

Some transitions are so great that they touch on every aspect of your life and may require change across the board. This may not be easy, and you may feel you are not ready for this type of upheaval. That is fine, as fully realised transitions take time and only work when you are ready. You can't force a transition.

An essential aspect of navigating a transition is knowing that this is not about blame. Navigating a transition should not be done through the lens of guilt and punishment. It acknowledges change and embraces the discoveries that will come with the movement forward. It also does not focus on the destination.

The destination is not the primary aim, the journey of working through the change and moving from one state to the next is the focus. It is this movement that the transition is all about.

This is because a transition does not label you as broken, have blocked chakras, incomplete or wrong. It does not in any way mean that you can only be whole or complete once you reach your target destination. This is an essential aspect of transitions.

Don't let the final destination or focus of the transition distract you from the discoveries and enlightenment you may gain from the process.

When you are focused entirely on the outcome, you may miss the nuances of change, discovery and enlightenment that the effort and commitment you will put in may provide.

If you are focused only on the outcome, you may find the transition is not achievable. I want to stress that the transition is about the discoveries and change you gain on the journey and not the destination.

The beauty of transitions is that they continue to provide insights, enlightenment and spiritual acceleration if you work with them thoroughly.

If you are working on a transition in your life and are looking for an attunement and energy healing tool to help support you, you may want to consider the Transitions (Ready For Change) Maintenance Attunement. This attunement is specifically designed to assist anyone who is ready to transition energetically.

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